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Skin is a natural reflection of our health and whether it’s a poor diet, stress or hormones, your skin may show problematic symptoms in the form of puffiness and poor circulation. This is when a good skin detox like Estetica’s Meridian Detox Facial comes in.

Designed to improve the flow of qi (or energy) and rid toxins, this facial uses the techniques of Bojin therapy, a concept similar to that of guasha, to aid circulation and lymphatic drainage. It’s believed that certain meridian points of the face are directly linked to parts of the body, like the spleen, stomach, kidney and bladder. By unblocking these points, you’re able to optimise blood circulation, rid water retention and improve skin’s overall renewal and the body’s self-healing powers. In turn, skin is able to retain firmness, while ridding dullness and sallowness to reveal healthy, glowing skin.

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The facial starts with a round of gentle cleansing and exfoliation using ést.lab’s products, a science-based skincare line developed by Estetica. Steaming and extraction are optional if you have skin sensitivity and prefer to skip this step. Next comes the bojin therapy, which is performed with a unique ox horn tool designed to unblock the meridian points located along the forehead, nose, cheeks, chin and undereye area without the pain and redness often associated with guasha. The ox horn tool is also crafted to be more targeted, focusing its pressure on deeper tissues for longer-lasting results.

An customised ampoule chockfull of active ingredients is then applied, followed by a facial and shoulder massage to relax the mind and ease away tension. Next comes a pampering mask before finishing up with moisturiser.

The Meridian Detox Facial leaves your skin looking naturally radiant as blood circulation is enhanced. Improved circulation is often associated with better skin health as nutrients and oxygen are supplied to the cells, while simultaneously carrying away waste materials that can cause puffiness, dullness and lacklustre skin. The results? Healthy and glowing skin that appears more supple and firm, without any sign of puffiness and dullness. With enhanced skin health, skin is also able to bounce back from daily aggressors, while remaining in an optimum state to absorb active ingredients from skincare in the days that follow.

Meridian Detox Facial ($300 for 90 minutes) is available at Estetica, #06-19 Plaza Singapura (tel: 6737 2234). For more information, visit esteticabeauty.com.

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Enjoy the Meridian Detox Facial at an introductory rate of $128 as a first-time customer. Call 6737 2234, or visit esteticabeauty.com for more information

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