The pursuit of beauty is a constant in life and why not? Looking good helps you feel good and in a world rocked to its core by uncertainties, we need all the good vibes we can get. This curated selection of skin and body treats—targeted facials, pampering massages and luxe wellness experiences are par for the course— is the sprinkle of fairy dust that takes away the stress so that you can bringing your top game.


MASK AVENGER, $390 for 90 minutes, Spa Esprit

Don’t let mask-ne get you down. Designed to tackle pimples and outbreaks on the cheeks, nose and chin, this clarifying facial deeply cleanses and sloughs away pore-clogging surface dead skin cells with a peel and an ultrasound device that gently exfoliates. Pores are then cleaned out through manual extraction, before electroporation drives the actives in the serums used deeper into skin while stimulating lymphatic drainage to help rid the body of toxins that can cause skin flare-ups.


DUO PHYTO STEM CELL TREATMENT, $380 for 50 minutes, AsterSpring

Photo: AsterSpring

Young at heart, but don’t always look the way you feel? Close that gap a little with help from this facial, which targets wrinkles and skin laxity using a combination of cutting-edge technology and manual facial techniques. At its heart is the Duo Phyto Stem Cell Serum, which has stem cells derived from argan trees and white horehound. The former encourages skin cell renewal as well as collagen and elastin production, while the latter, an antioxidant two times more powerful than vitamin C, shores up your defence against skin-ageing free radicals. 


SNOWISE BRIGHTENING TREATMENT, $260 for 80 minutes, Sulwhasoo

Sulwhasoo’s facial treatments are known for being machine-free, relying instead on the therapists’ skilled hands and the brand’s range of holistic skincare fortified with natural ingredients to help you achieve the skin of your dreams. This one is no different, with products from the Snowise Brightening range expertly massaged into skin both manually and using a half-moon-shaped white jade applicator to improve blood circulation and boost radiance. 


LACTIC SURGE, $170 for 60 minutes; $200 for 75 minutes, Aesop

Aesop facial treatment space at Tangs. (Photo: Aesop)

Trust Aesop to elevate a pampering hands-only treat into a cinematic experience. Ultra-exclusive cabin aside (the one at Tangs at Tang Plaza has just a single treatment room, so you’re the only guest at any time), the facial is performed to relaxing classical music played over a great sound system, with the therapist’s strokes moving in tandem with the sound of strings. Designed to reset the skin’s renewal cycle (which naturally slows with age) to an optimum 28 days, the treatment itself uses products with lactic acid and sodium lactate to help improve skin clarity, brightness and texture.


MERIDIAN DETOX FACIAL, $380 for 90 minutes, Estetica

Everyone needs a good skin detox every so often and for that, there’s this bojin facial that works in a similar way to gua sha. A specialised bojin tool is used to massage acupressure points to clear meridian blockages, promote circulation and stimulate the body’s natural healing abilities. The massage also encourages lymphatic drainage, so expect a visibly lifted visage as well. Fair warning though: If your meridian channels are really blocked, brace for a significantly more painful facial than you’re probably used to.


EXILIS ULTRA 360, $300 for 30 minutes, Calvin Chan Aesthetics

The eyes really do have it when it comes to sparking connections, so keep them on point with this non-invasive tightening and lifting treatment. Ultrasound and radiofrequency energies heat up the skin beneath the surface, burning fats and reducing the look of eye bags. The heat also causes micro injuries to the skin, which triggers the body’s natural healing response to increase collagen stores to aid repair, giving the eye area a more lifted appearance down the line. 


THE ORGANIC FACIAL, $180 for 60 minutes, Spa Infinity

Those into natural skincare, hear: This facial uses products with plant-based ingredients rich in antioxidants to give your fight against free-radical damage a boost—perfect for urban dwellers like us who are constantly exposed to environmental aggressors such as pollution. Those with skin sensitivity or other conditions such as eczema and rosacea can rest easy, for all the products used are also free of synthetic fragrances, parabens and petroleum.


EPION SIGNIA, $395 for 90 minutes, EPION Aesthetics

A party’s a party, no matter if there are two, five or eight people. So gear up for the gathering with this gentle facial that uses a combination of Aurora radiofrequency waves, aqua dermabrasion and a diamond peel to firm things up and slough away surface dead skin cells to reveal a dewy, glowy complexion. The treatment also leaves skin visibly hydrated and smoother, so makeup glides on like a dream. 


DIOR PRESTIGE GRAND FACIAL TREATMENT, $280 for 90 minutes, Dior Institut

More than living up to its name, this luxurious treat revitalises skin texture with products from the Dior Prestige range while pampering you with 60 minutes of relaxing facial massage—including a 15-minute sculpting one targeting the facial contours, eyes or lips. At the heart of the range is the celebrated Rose de Granville, a rare breed of rose with exceptional resilience and a high concentration of micronutrients that support skin healing and overall skin health. Settle in as the soothing rose scent and dynamic strokes take the edge right off the stresses and strains of life in the new normal, then walk out refreshed in appearance and mind.


FILORGA BRIGHT PEEL TREATMENT, $320 for 75 minutes, Spa Infinity

Wrestling with surface irregularities that range from roughness to an uneven tone, acne scars, wrinkles and more? Take a step towards better skin with this facial that uses gluconolactone, glycolic acid, phytic acid and citric acid to promote skin cell renewal. As surface dead cells that dull the skin are naturally shed, new skin growth will improve surface look and feel, reducing the appearance of imperfections and lending skin a from-within radiance. 


ICONIC 4D FACELIFT, $298 for 60 minutes, ICON Aesthetics

Photo: ICON Aesthetics

Age and gravity make terrible bedfellows, and while neither are stoppable, we can take countermeasures to minimise their effects on our skin. This facial gives your visage a lift with radiofrequency waves that stimulate the production of collagen as well as elastin, reinforcing the skin’s supportive network for a firmer, healthier look. As new collagen and elastin are synthesised by the body, the skin recovers its supple look and feel, even taking on shapelier contours. 


NOURISHING SKIN RENEWAL FACIAL, $148 for 60 minutes, SkinCeuticals

Bring comfort to your skin with this soothing facial powered by SkinCeuticals’ calming Phyto Corrective serum and a blend of the brand’s signature antioxidants. Botanical extracts in the former, such as thyme, olive lear, cucumber and mulberry, help quell redness and calm irritation while working on improving skin discoloration. Meanwhile, potent antioxidants, which are infused into the skin, help strengthen its barrier, fortifying it against everyday aggressors. 

MODEL: Feli Rastar/ Miha Model Management