Asian skin contains more melanin-producing cells compared to the skin of individuals from other ethnicities. As a result, they can be more stimulated or damaged by UV light, and prone to skin pigmentation problems like dark spots, age spots and melasma. If you find your skin marred by unwanted dark spots, and grey patches, this brightening treatment at ICON Medical Aesthetics Clinic may just be what your skin needs.

Best of both worlds

The ICON Pigment Laser uses a US FDA-approved Fotona Starwalker Picosecond Laser system to improve skin pigmentation and texture. It combines the Picosecond laser system, as well as a high-performance Q-switched laser for the best results. Pico Laser works by sending out ultra short pulses of energy (in intervals called picoseconds, hence the name) to target treated areas. In the case of pigmentation, these short energy pulses break down pigments, which gets processed by the body’s natural metabolic functions. Q-switched Lasers on the other hand, fires beams of energy in intervals of nanoseconds (100 times slower than picoseconds) but has a higher energy output that’s able to break down large patches of pigmentation into smaller ones, which is then taken care of by Pico Laser more efficiently.

Ultra versatile

The benefit of the ICON Pigment Laser lies in its versatility as well. Besides its ability to address pigmentation issues, it’s also able to treat concerns like enlarged pores, acne, scars and unwanted tattoos. Its short bursts of energy exposes the skin to less heat when firing, with less occurrence of irritation and downtime. When the laser is fired, it delivers heat to the skin’s deeper layers (dermis), stimulating collagen and elastin production and giving the skin a rejuvenated appearance. The 1064nm wavelength is also able to stave off acne-causing p.acnes bacteria, preventing skin breakouts.

ICON Pigment Laser ($318.86 for 60 minutes) is available at ICON Medical Aesthetics Clinic at the following locations:

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  • Century Square #04-05 Tel: 62233498, Whatsapp/SMS: 98376694

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