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Bothered by pockets of fats that exercise and diet just don’t seem to take care of? While working out is great for your overall health, sometimes stubborn spots of fats like the lower abdomen, love handles and arms just refuse to burn, no matter how hard you work out. Turn to MODE Aesthetics’ Fat Freeze 360 for a non-invasive way of targeting problem areas.

Put the chill on

As its name suggests, the Fat Freeze 360 uses cryotherapy to get rid of stubborn fat cells. An applicator is selected based on the area treated, and this applicator creates a suction where cooling plates are then pressed against to freeze the fat cells beneath, without subjecting surrounding cells or the skin’s surface to any damage from the extreme cold. This effectively eliminates the fat cells, which are then processed by the body’s lymphatic system, and leaves the body through its waste removal processes.

Thanks to the full-coverage applicator which helps to freeze up to 40 percent fat compared to similar fat-busting treatments, which typically only result in about 25 percent of fat loss, making fat reduction more efficient. This fat-freezing treatment is also able to target smaller areas like double chin, one of the few non-surgical methods of treating this problem area.

Safe and easy

The improved Fat Freeze 360 device is now able to treat four areas concurrently in one session, making fat loss and weight management efficient for busy individuals.  When the applicator is secured and the suction switched on, you may feel a slight pinching sensation, but this helps to draw the fat cells away from the nerves, muscles and surrounding tissues so they don’t get damaged by the cold. It’s a safe and easy way to target fat cells without needles or incisions, with no downtime so you’re able to return to your regular activities right after your session.

Fat Freeze 360 is just one of the few comprehensive treatments that form part of MODE Aesthetics’ tailored slimming program, which covers everything from fat loss, skin tightening, muscle building and body sculpting.

Fat Freeze 360 (From $288 for 60 minutes) is available at MODE Aesthetics at the following locations:

  • The Centrepoint #03-33, Tel:  6737 4964
  • Bedok Mall #B2-37, Tel: 6386 5964
  • Harbourfront Centre #02-65, Tel: 6256 4698
  • JEM #04-19, Tel: 6694 4448

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