Q-SWITCH LASER + CHEMICAL PEEL + LED LIGHT THERAPY, From $280 for 30 minutes, La Clinic

Administered by the skilful hands of Dr Rachel Ho, this well-rounded treatment takes a three-prong approach to treating acne. First, a Q-Switch Laser reduces the redness, hyperpigmentation and scarring associated with acne. A chemical peel is then applied to help with skin resurfacing and aid skin cell renewal. Skin texture is also refined: Scars are smoothened and the appearance of pores is reduced. Lastly, the LED therapy stimulates skin cell repair and metabolises acne-causing bacteria.


SOFWAVE, $2,996 for 120 minutes, Mizu Aesthetic Clinic

Like Ultherapy and HIFU, which both use ultrasound technology, the non-invasive Sofwave technology focuses on reaching a depth of 1.5mm. Ultrasound energy heats up the mid-dermis layer, which makes it very effective for skin tightening and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The cooling plate that comes in contact with skin protects the surface, minimising discomfort and downtime.


HYDRO-THERAPEUTICS TREATMENT, $211.86 for 60 minutes, IDS Aesthetics

Give your skin a clean slate with this treatment. Employing different cleansing methods like microdermabrasion, hydrodermabrasion, extraction and ultrasonic cleansing, this treatment deep cleanses skin, without aggravating or stripping it of its natural oils. A vitamin C solution is then infused into skin, which at this point, is easily absorbed, so that it looks brighter and healthier post-treatment.


PROFHILO, $1,000 for 30 minutes, SOL Aesthetics Medical Clinic

Are you starting to see signs of ageing such as loss of moisture, sagging or the beginning of wrinkles? Then this is the treatment for you. It injects a hyaluronic acid into five predetermined points on each side of the face to target dehydration and fine lines. It integrates easily with skin tissues, working its magic to hydrate, plump and lift.


EXILIS EYE LIFT, $535 for 30 minutes, Mendis Aesthetics

Droopy, tired eyes are not a good look, whether IRL or on Zoom. Perk up the eye area with this treatment that uses a combination of radiofrequency, thermal energy and ultrasound waves to tighten lax skin, improve collagen production and give the area a lifted appearance that improves with time.


HA HYDRATING FACIAL, $214 for 60 minutes, Mendis Aesthetics

Youthful-looking skin is well-hydrated skin. This treatment uses three types of hyaluronic acid with varying molecular weights, so that it is able to penetrate the skin at different levels. At the most superficial level, it forms a film on the surface that reduces trans-epidermal water loss. At the deeper levels, it creates a water reserve for the skin to draw from and plumps it up, reducing the appearance of wrinkles.


ULTHERAPY, From $3,500 for 60 minutes, Q Aesthetics Clinic

Billed as a non-surgical facelift, Ultherapy uses ultrasound energy that reaches depths of up to 4.5mm to target the superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS), a fibro-fatty tissue layer that supports the overlying skin, tightening and lifting it over time. Dr Christopher Looi, who administers the treatment, has his own unique way of using the patented device, giving the best lifting and firming effect for a youthful profile, which you could see and feel as early as four to six weeks post-treatment.


XEOMIN, From $450, Harmony Aesthetics Clinic

If the coveted V-shaped visage is desired, then this treatment may be what you’re after. Xeomin, a type of botulinum toxin, is injected into the masseter muscles, which run through the rear part of the cheek to the lower jaw. This relaxes overworked muscles, creating a slimmer jawline over time.


BABY BOTOX, From $600 for 30 minutes, La Clinic

If natural results are what you’re after, Baby Botox fits the bill. Unlike regular Botox, this treatment uses micro doses of the botulinum toxin to achieve a subtly rejuvenated complexion—no danger of a frozen face or unnatural-looking facial movements. This means certain lines on the face, like forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet, can be addressed, giving the overall visage a more refreshed appearance.


AUTEUR REGENERATIVE THERAPY, $492.20 for 90 minutes, Freia Aesthetics

If ever you are in need of extra-special pampering, turn to this luxurious treatment that uses products from German skincare brand Auteur. It boasts effective skincare formulas that supercharge skin’s regenerative powers so that it remains at an optimal condition. Enhancing the skincare formulas are LED light therapy to boost collagen synthesis, as well as Dermo Electroporation (DEP) to improve the penetration of active ingredients deep into the skin.


PROFHILO – NECK, From $1,500 for 45 minutes, La Clinic

If you’re paying the price for not giving enough attention to the skin on your neck, Profhilo can help. Formulated as an injectable moisturiser, Profhilo is administered at specific points on the neck to trigger a bio-remodelling process that boosts collagen and elastin production. Its low viscosity means it spreads easily to deliver results, so skin appears hydrated, lifted and plump post-treatment.


SYLFIRM X, $695.50 for 45 minutes, Mizu Aesthetic Clinic

Lines, pigmentation and pimples aren’t the only thing that can affect skin texture—enlarged pores are very much one of the main culprits behind dull skin. Sylfirm X delivers radiofrequency (RF) through microneedling, a procedure that tackles the appearance of large pores. The controlled damage from RF stimulates skin’s healing process to tighten and minimise pores. As a result of this controlled micro-injury, collagen synthesis is triggered, improving skin laxity around the pores and making them appear smaller.


PROFIHILO – FACE, $1,400 for 45 minutes, La Clinic

Moisture is the key to maintaining supple skin and Profhilo is an injectable that contains a stabilised blend of hyaluronic acid of high and low molecular weights, which acts as a moisture reserve for skin. In addition, Profhilo also improves the overall appearance by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, which fill out fine lines so that your complexion appears smoother and more youthful.