BRAZILIAN WAX (ALL OFF), $78 for 60 minutes, STRIP

No one does it quite as quickly, safely and light-heartedly as STRIP when it comes to Brazilian waxes. For one, the fun décor puts one at ease, but that’s not to say they treat hygiene lightly. They never double-dip their waxes and work swiftly, but accurately, to keep discomfort in the nether regions at a minimum.


BROW RESURRECTION – CLASSIC, $1,300 for 90 minutes (inclusive of one tune-up), Browhaus

With this treatment, you can confidently declare #IWokeUpLikeThis. A consultation with a brow specialist, who understands that no two eyebrows are the same (not even your own), ensures that the brow shape and colour is customised to suit your face shape and features. They uphold the highest standards when it comes to hygiene, with medical grade tools that are disposed of after every use. Realistic hair-like strokes are created to blend in seamlessly with your own brow hair to give your arches definition and fullness.


ERABROW DESIGN, From $50 for 20 minutes, Erabelle

If you’re haunted by bad memories of overplucked brows, know that you are in good hands with the therapists at Erabelle. Each brow artist has undergone rigorous training to understand facial harmony and will map out a brow shape to suit your facial features, before proceeding with the eyebrow embroidery. The technique involves embedding micro pigments in the topmost layer of skin, using soft shading techniques to create fuller-looking brows. 


KOREAN VOLUME EYELASH EXTENSIONS, From $168 for 90 minutes, Dreamlash

A good eyelash extension boils down to a few things: The quality of lashes used, and the technical and artistic skills to design a look that enhances your eyes. More often than not, people assume more is better, and end up with thick caterpillar lashes that overshadow their eyes, and make them appear smaller. The lash technicians at Dreamlash use soft lashes that are 0.1mm thick. The lightweight lashes lift droopy eyes and balance out wide-set eyes.


ULTRALASH LIFT TREATMENT PERM, $68 for 45 minutes, Avone Beauty Secrets

BAZAAR Featured image Spa Awards AVone Beauty Secrets (1)

Blessed with length but not the curl? Give stick-straight lashes a lift with a lash perm. Much like perming for the hair, lash perms use chemicals to soften lash hairs, before moulding them into an upward curve. Lashes also appear longer when they curl upwards—a truly eye-opening act.


BASTIEN’S DUO, From $300 for 75 minutes, Pedi:Mani:Cure Studio by Bastien Gonzalez

Give your hands and feet an A-list treatment with a ritual designed by the king of pedicures himself, Bastien Gonzalez. Nails on hands and feet are treated to some TLC that includes cleaning, cutting, shaping and buffing to help them look their best. This is then followed by a tension-busting leg and foot massage that improves circulation—you’ll walk out feeling light on your feet.


SIGNATURE MANICURE, $37.45 for 60 minutes, Shugar Prestige

Make your manicure a bonding experience with your child. This nail salon is one of the first to offer manicure services to children so you can keep them occupied while you pamper your hands. The therapists do not cut corners on cleaning, buffing and caring for the nails and cuticles, and ensure they are shaped to perfection.


NAIL ART, $160.50 for 90 minutes, Shugar Prestige

Nails are treated like tiny canvases here. The nail therapists exercise their creativity while taking into consideration the latest trends and colours from the US and Japan. Using nail polish from O.P.I, Morgan Taylor and gelish brands from Japan, nail artists dream up designs to suit your style or the occasion, allowing you to express yourself with your digits.


SHR BRAZILIAN, $300 for 15 minutes, Ceramique Aesthetic Wellness

Ceramique Aesthetic Wellness

Super Hair Removal or SHR combines laser and intense-pulsed light for better results. This third-generation hair removal technology targets the follicles of both coarse and fine hair, rendering them dormant over time while achieving silky and smooth skin with no prickly stubble.


SILKY SMOOTH IPL PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL, From $120 for 15 minutes, Estheclinic

Tired of shaving or waxing? Estheclinic’s patented IPL (intense pulsed light) technology penetrates the skin to heat up hair follicles to slow regrowth and make them inactive over time. The therapist applies a cooling gel to protect the skin, ensuring the whole experience is a comfortable one. Each underarm session takes only 15 minutes, so you can easily squeeze this quick treatment into your lunch break.


SIGNATURE PEDICURE, $64.20 for 60 minutes, Shugar Prestige

Why let only your hands have all the fun? Pencil in a pedicure to take care of dry heels, ragged toenails and rough patches. Start off with a foot bath that uses botanical herbs to relax and soften dehydrated skin. Then, revel in podiatric luxury as the therapist cuts, trims and shapes toenails and cuticles.