SIGNATURE MASSAGE, $176.55 for 60 minutes, Oasia Spa

If the last two years has done a number on your body, it’s time to let go of your burdens and stresses with this full-body massage. It employs a blend of three Asian massage techniques—Thai, Indian and Shiatsu—to soothe muscle tension and ease the body into deep relaxation. Personalise the session by letting the therapist know if there are any particularly sore areas to focus on.


INDIBA DEEP CARE BODY CONTOURING, From $257.60 for 45 minutes, Bespoke Aesthetics Clinic

The INDIBA Deep Care device uses radiofrequency waves at 448 kHz, the level which is said to produce the best therapeutic outcomes. It breaks down cellulite and fatty deposits, increases cellular metabolic rate and promotes circulation, which helps to remove the unwanted fat via the body’s natural metabolic functions. The gentle heat from the radiofrequency waves also improves collagen production, so skin appears firmer and more taut, resulting in shapelier contours over time.


EMSCULPT NEO, $856 for 30 minutes, Mendis Aesthetics

Reducing fat and strengthening muscles while you’re basically doing nothing is no longer a pipe dream. This body sculpting treatment helps you work out a sweat while you are lying down. The secret is in its radiofrequency waves and high-intensity focused electromagnetic waves that break down fatty tissue and stimulate muscle contractions. A 30-minute session is equivalent to 24,000 crunches—an impossible number even if you’re a fitness buff. It can be used as a standalone treatment to help you achieve a shapely silhouette, or to enhance your regular fitness routine for better results.


DEEP RF BODY SCULPTING MASSAGE, $288 for 30 minutes, Dermstetiq Medispa

Sculpt your curves with this body-shaping treatment. The device emits radiofrequency waves that heat up the deeper dermal layers of skin. This helps to break down visceral fat, while stimulating collagen and elastin synthesis so that skin feels firm and taut, allowing you to achieve a slimmer silhouette.


DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE AND BODY POLISH, $296 for 70 minutes, Jean Yip Loft

If a sedentary office life has left you with chronic tension in the shoulders, a painful neck and an aching back, seek relief with this deep tissue massage. With measured and firm strokes similar to that of a Swedish massage, overworked muscles and knots are eased and the entire body feels lighter and more relaxed after.


VERTEBRA MOXIBUSTION WELLNESS, $469 for 60 minutes, The Ultimate

Remedy the effects of sitting for long hours with a treatment that’s focused on the spine and back. Centred on the TCM practice of moxibustion, heat is applied on meridian points to unblock them and improve the overall blood circulation and detoxification. The body feels re-energised post treatment, mitigating the effects of any soreness along the back.


FAT FREEZE 360, From $288 for 60 minutes, MODE Aesthetics

SPA Awards 2022 MODE Aesthetics BAZAAR Featured image

Let’s face it, spending hours at the gym doesn’t always mean you get the body you desire. Target stubborn pockets of fat with this treatment, which uses cryotherapy to freeze fatty tissues so that it is then broken down by the body’s natural metabolic functions and flushed out by the lymphatic system. Different applicators target different sections of the body, such as love handles, flabby arms, jelly belly and inner thighs—areas where stubborn fat typically resides.


HEALING HIMALAYAN HOT SALT STONE MASSAGE, $235 for 90 minutes, Chi, The Spa Shangri-La Singapore

If revenge travelling has left your body weary from jetlag, look no further than Chi, The Spa’s rejuvenating hot stone massage. Using heated natural salt stone crystals that are packed with 84 types of naturally occurring minerals and salts, the grounding properties of these salt stones are also thought to balance the central nervous system, create a feeling of deep relaxation and promote better sleep.


ULTRASKIN HIFU, $535 for 60 minutes, Mendis Aesthetics

Using High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU), this treatment targets the deeper muscle layer of the skin for a tightening and lifting effect. At a depth of 1.5mm, HIFU targets parts of the face and neck with thinner skin. At a depth of 3mm, HIFU reaches the layer of the skin where structural collagen is located to stimulate collagen production for firmer skin. Lastly, at 4.5mm, the muscles are stimulated to provide a lifting effect that improves lax skin.