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Hands up if you like to scroll through countless hair inspiration posts on Instagram and Pinterest. While they act as incredible sources for ideas, they also constantly tempt you to change up your looks. From ombre to pastel colours to to grey hues, there is literally no limit when it comes to the colours of your hair. This year, the experts at mí the salon have devised a range of new looks, to enhance and add definition to your locks.

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Firstly, Pastelage refers to the technique of applying pastel tones to the hair using the balayage method to contour and colour your hair. This enables you to embrace pastel shades without looking like an actual unicorn, making it perfect for those in corporate jobs. Next, the Tiger Eye effect involves the application of bronze, gold and dark brown hues to add warmth and dimension to the hair. Expect a beautiful gradient of sun-kissed shades. Finally, the Bronze look requires a colouring method that mimics the gradation of natural, non-dyed hair, where it’s darker at the roots and fades towards the ends. One of the easiest styles to maintain, it’s perfect for time-starved individuals who do not have time for regular touch-up sessions at the salon.

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Loreal Professionnel

Ultra-Gentle Hair Colour Systems

Thanks to L’Oréal Professionnel’s expertise in hair care, there are a plethora of non-harmful dyes to choose from, regardless of what your hair and scalp type is. For starters, its INOA colour system is free of ammonia and odour for a pleasurable hair colouring experience unlike any other. Thanks to its ground-breaking formulation, it uses a revolutionary ODS (Oil Delivery System) to push colour pigments into hair shaft without causing any damage so hair remains soft, shiny and healthy. Plus, it covers up to 100 per cent of grey and white hair. For those looking for a semi-permanent hair colour that gradually and naturally fades away for a “no root effect”, look to the Dia colour system. Best for creating vibrant highlights that look lustrous yet ultra-natural, it is also free of ammonia and leaves hair soft and shiny.

The Smartbond Process

And what could be better than complementing your desired hair colour with L’Oréal Professionnel’s new Smartbond hair protection system? Suitable for use as a supplement to those getting their hair dyed, bleached, permed, straightened or just as a strengthening treatment on its own, it’s a fuss-free in-salon treatment that reinforces hair structure so your hair remains supple and strong after chemical services.

Comprising of three steps, ask for Smartbond the next time you’re getting a chemical process for your locks to keep hair damage at bay. The first step is the Additive step which protects and strengthens bonds within the hair fibres so your hair doesn’t weaken and break. This is followed by a Pre-shampoo step which cleanses away chemical residues, and lastly, the Conditioner step smooths hair for a silky soft finish.

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The Smartbond Technology 

If you’re wondering what exactly is the star ingredient in Smartbond that makes it so effective in preventing hair damage and breakage, the answer is Maleic Acid. Thanks to the unique formulation, Smartbond uses Maleic Acid to remove harmful ions present in colouring, bleaching, perming and rebonding chemicals (which weaken hair structure), thereby maintaining hair integrity and reducing hair damage. It also provides a slightly acidic pH which shields individual strands from oxidation damage so your tresses remain resilient and supple.

INOA, Dia and Smartbond are available at mí the salon, #03-19 ION Orchard (previously known as Salon Vim at 313@Somerset)