Check Into This Luxurious Beauty Rehab For Instant Glowing Skin

Whether you’re a seasoned skincare connoisseur or someone who has just started investing in your skin, your skin deserves some TLC, SK-II style


Photo: SK-II Boutique Spa

Known for its top-notch facials, SK-II Boutique Spa combines the use of premium SK-II products with state-of-the-art skincare technology to deliver efficacious skincare solutions to its discerning clientele of all ages. Recognising that women, and men, are constantly on the quest for healthy-looking skin with a revitalised glow, SK-II Boutique Spa has an extensive treatment menu of facial services that cater to various skincare concerns and age groups. This means that regardless of whether you’ve been conscientiously taking good care of your skin, or are just starting to do so, you’ll be able to find something that caters to your needs.

For the younger set, its latest Aqua Pure Facial, $260 for 90 minutes, is perfect for setting the foundations of crystal clear skin. Modern young women lead hectic lifestyles—from late nights at the office to social engagements, many might find it a challenge to devote time and effort in maintaining a rigorous skincare routine. As a result, improper care and insufficient sleep lead to sluggish cell turnover, which presents itself as a lacklustre skin tone. Designed to sweep away dead skin cells and support cellular renewal, the Aqua Pure Facial cleanses the skin thoroughly to unveil a revitalised complexion.

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Photo: SK-II Boutique Spa

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To begin, your therapist uses the Aqua Clean machine’s vacuum function as lactic acid is infused onto the skin surface. This loosens stubborn comedone plugs and softens any dead skin skin cells that have accumulated so the vacuum tip is able to eliminate them swiftly. Next, a salicylic acid solution is applied onto the skin to encourage cell renewal, decongest clogged pores and keep blemishes at bay. Now that your skin is prepped and primed for absorption, it is treated to the Facial Treatment Mask’s goodness before your therapist selects a customised routine of SK-II products for you. Your unique skincare experience begins once you enter its premises, which provides a tranquil and welcoming ambience. Each treatment room features its innovative Senzational Bed, Tempur pillow and goose down comforter—it’s like tucking into bed at a five-star hotel while having a facial. You are also guaranteed the expertise of highly skilled beauty therapists, as they have an average of 10 years’ experience and are required to go through stringent training and yearly evaluation.

In addition, every customer’s information is also periodically reviewed so that your treatment plan can be adjusted accordingly. The spa also has a dedicated Customer Experience Manager who provides personalised follow-ups to constantly improve your experience. With its emphasis on research and innovation, and its ability to meet the changing needs of its discerning clientele, SK-II Boutique Spa is the trusted go-to skincare partner for a seamless journey towards crystal clear skin.

SK-II Boutique Spa is at #02-54/55 Millenia Walk, Tel: 6336 4880; #02-06 Shaw Centre, Tel: 6836 9168. For more information, visit

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By Joyce Cheo

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