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Fight the Bulge
People who enjoy good food and fine wines are more than familiar with those wobbly bits that seem to stick around despite a rigorous workout regime. The “muffin-top” is a classic example of this and it’s one of the most common areas where fat cells are the toughest to get rid of.

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Keeping in Shape
Thankfully, DRx Medical Aesthetic Clinic’s Body Beautiful Programme makes it effortless for women who wish to keep their waistlines in check. Comprising of four Vanquish ME™ sessions and four skin tightening sessions, this body-shaping treatment programme uses radiofrequency energy to eliminate fat cells and firm skin for a more svelte physique. Each 45-minute Vanquish ME™ treatment begins with an X-wave therapy, where acoustic wave pulses induce vibration to stimulate circulation while preparing skin tissue. Next, a panel which emits Selective Radiofrequency (RF) energy is placed over the abdomen to heat and destroy fat cells beneath skin surface. The body’s natural metabolism process then helps to flush out the fat cells that have been destroyed over the next few days.

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Tighten and Firm
One week later, a skin-tightening treatment will be scheduled. Utilising a specific radiofrequency wavelength, it works hand in hand with Vanquish ME™ to break down fat tissues and improve skin elasticity, restoring your silhouette to an hourglass figure.

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Body Beautiful Programme starts from $3,500 (depending on treatment area). Available at DRx Medical Aesthetic Clinic, #16-01 Tong Building, Tel: 6223 1555. For more information, visit www.drx-group.com *

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