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The Modern Lifestyle
Time-starved individuals who have problems committing to regular facial appointments can turn to P Clinic’s Glaze Peel Laser for a hassle-free solution to healthier skin. Suitable for congested, blemish-prone and dull skin conditions, this acne-zapping and sebum-regulating treatment is ideal for achieving clearer and brighter skin with a series of 15-minute sessions.

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Your Lunchtime Fix
As there is no downtime involved, pop in for a quick fix (key benefits include deep-cleansing and pore-refining), before returning to your daily routine immediately after. The treatment involves applying a thin layer of Glaze paste (made from carbon and kakadu plum extract) over skin, followed by a gentle laser. With each pulse, the thermal effect of the laser tightens slackened pore walls, kills acne-causing bacteria and stimulates cell regeneration for a smoother, more refined skin texture.

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P Clinic
Photo: P Clinic

All-In-One Power Fruit
Kakadu plum extract is rich in vitamin C, which helps to brighten skin and regulate the formation of melanin. It is also rich in phenolic, gallic and ellagic acids, all of which are ingredients commonly found in high-end skincare products, thanks to their calming, firming and antioxidant properties. Although a course of eight to 12 sessions is usually recommended for the best results, you can expect visibly clearer and more even-toned skin after just
one treatment.

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Glaze Peel Laser is from $270. Available at P Clinic, #15-10/12 Paragon Medical Tower 1, Tel: 6100 1234. For more information, visit www.p-clinic.com*

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