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Shape of Things to Come
Did you know that Asian skin ages differently from Caucasian skin? With time, Caucasian skin tends to lose its youthful plumpness, resulting in a more hollow appearance. Asian skin, on the other hand, tends to retain this “cushion,” but the gradual degradation of collagen and elastin fibres in the skin means round and full cheeks eventually become saggy jowls and cheeks. While surgical methods like facelifts used to be the go-to solutions to contour and lift sagging skin, a new breakthrough in aesthetic treatments now offers a non-invasive option with zero downtime.

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Up, Up and Away
Enter the HIFU Plus+ from Cambridge Therapeutics. Using high-intensity focused ultrasound, this non-surgical treatment delivers targeted heat energy via improved pulse delivery to reach the dermis and subcutaneous layers. This in turn stimulates collagen production and instantly tightens loose skin.

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Long-Lasting Results
The results are both immediate and gradual. Saggy skin around the neck, jowls and facial features like the nasolabial lines between the nose and mouth are tightened, and the overall appearance of your face regains that sculpted V-shaped contour. What’s more, the condition of your skin continues to improve for up to nine months, and the results of the treatment course of five sessions can last to a year.

HIFU Plus+ is $900 for 30 minutes, packages apply. Available at Cambridge Therapeutics, #08-05A2 Ngee Ann City Tower B, Tel: 6733 6729. For more information, visit *

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