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Secrets To A Good Complexion
You know the drill: A clean diet, regular workouts and overall well-being play a part in determining your skin’s health. But there are still other external factors beyond our control that can cause spots, dryness and irritation, as well as aggravate the skin’s ageing process.

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Best of Both Worlds
While topical beauty products can correct your skin’s condition, DRx Medispa’s Essential Facial Plus acts like a key to unlock a cleaner, younger-looking complexion. Utilising both high-tech devices and the comforting human touch, it begins with a soothing head massage to unwind weary souls. Next, your facialist gently sweeps away daily grime and polishes your skin with the Derma-Infuser machine’s crystal tip. This is followed by careful extraction to relieve congested pores. When the skin is free of dirt and grime, it is fed with an antioxidant-rich multi-action solution to fight against free radicals.

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The Finishing Touch
Depending on your concern (be it enlarged pores or dehydration), your facialist will then select a suitable serum for your skin and use an ultrasonic device to boost the penetration of its active ingredients deep into the skin. Lastly, a personalised Therapeutic Mask is applied to calm and condition for clearer, healthier skin.

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Essential Facial Plus is $268 for 90 minutes. Available at DRx Medispa, #14-02/03 & #16-02 Tong Building, Tel: 6223 1555; #03-01B Wisma Atria, Tel: 6822 7035. For more information, visit www.drx-group.com *

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