Life Infinity
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Urban Health Solutions
The path to total inner and outer wellbeing is paved with multiple methodologies — a fact that is recognised by Life Infinity. Singapore’s largest health management centre offers a highly comprehensive menu of health care and wellness services, including health screening and wellness assessments, detoxification and weight management programmes, and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatments, in an elegant colonial building in the heart of Orchard Road.

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East-Meets-West Approach
At Life Infinity, the wide-ranging treatments and services are influenced by both Eastern and Western medicine, including the unique Nerve Awakening Tui Na treatment. This first-to-market treatment combines TCM’s meridian (or acupuncture points) philosophy with the beneficial effects of infrared waves on the body. In addition, premium, natural essential oils are used to enhance physiological wellbeing through aromatherapy.

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Life Infinity
Photo: Life Infinity

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A Plethora of Benefits
This holistic treatment stimulates the meridian points on the body and face in true traditional Chinese tuina style, which can be customised according to each customer’s requirements and preferences. Infrared waves delivered via a special device are used to stimulate specific points on a deeper level to dispel fatigue, encourage cellular regeneration and improve blood circulation. The benefits are multi-fold—tension is dissipated, and the body and mind are rejuvenated and refreshed.

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Nerve Awakening Tui Na is $268 for 90 minutes. Available at Life Infinity, 31 Scotts Road, Tel: 6684 3131. For more information, visit*

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