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Best Body Exfoliating Treatment: Brightening Body Peel, $150++ for 45 minutes, The Spa at Mandarin Oriental, Singapore
Not at all like your regular body scrub service, this top-to-toe treatment uses finely-grounded bamboo, fruit enzymes and multi-fruit acids to slough away accumulated dead skin cells. It also incorporates specialised body-buffing techniques to stimulate circulation for smoother, softer and brighter skin. Visit

Best Anti-Cellulite Treatment: Atlas Korean Anti-Cellulite Therapy, $589 for 90 minutes, Atlas Medispa
Count on this comprehensive treatment to eliminate unwanted wobbly bits. Combining the contouring, firming and smoothing properties of radio frequency and ultrasound technology, this can be used to loosen fatty tissues and tighten skin laxity to reduce the appearance of cellulite around
the abdomen, buttocks, arms, thighs and love handles. Visit

Best Neck Treatment: Protégé Elite, $180 for 45 minutes, Healthsprings Aesthetics
Protégé Elite utilises radio frequency technology to gently warm the skin to stimulate collagen production over time. This specially calibrated device heats the skin to about 42 degrees Celsius so as to ensure only collagen is targeted without damaging other tissues to tighten sagging skin and improve skin texture. Visit

Most Pampering Treatment: Thai Traditions, $544 for 120 minutes, Banyan Tree Spa Marina Bay Sands
This indulgent therapy is perfect for worn-out urbanites. Referencing Thai healing remedies to soothe aches and alleviate tension, the energising properties of traditional herbs lie at the heart of this treatment. Beginning with a herbal heat treatment to loosen stiff muscles, a classic Thai massage ensues to improve flexibility and mobility. Lastly, luxuriate in an aromatic ginger bath before you
step out feeling utterly coddled. Visit

Best Organic Experience: Signature Experience: Waning Moon, $440++ for 120 minutes, Auriga Spa
Inspired by the different phases of the moon, each of Auriga Spa’s four Signature Experiences are designed with The Organic Pharmacy products to reflect the varying energies of the lunar cycle. Try the Waning Moon, which begins with a body scrub to warm muscles and smooth the skin. Next, a seaweed wrap purifies skin before a relaxing massage stimulates the lymphatic nodes to expel toxins. The treatment concludes with tonic and detox supplements for an inside-out cleanse. Visit

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Best Detox Experience: Cell Labs Energy Massage Therapy, $299.60 for 60 minutes, Spa Symphony
Designed to improve energy flow around the body, tourmaline cream and an infra moxibustion massage are used to help boost circulation and improve lymphatic drainage. Tourmaline is a unique mineral that emits negative ions to revitalise the body while the infra moxibustion massage stimulates healing for total wellness by incorporating varying rhythms, pressures and techniques. Visit

Best Firming Massage: Power Ingredients Massage Therapy (Placenta), $256.80 for 60 minutes, Spa Infinity
Firm and tighten skin with this anti-ageing massage, which uses a nutrient-rich cream to improve skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of dimpling. Thanks to a combination of kneading and rolling strokes, it further enhances the skin’s absorption of the cream and also encourages circulation. Expect skin that feels smooth and supple after. Visit

Best Relaxing Massage: Oxygen Perfecting Oil Massage, $380 for 90 minutes, The Ultimate
Designed to coax anxious minds into deep relaxation, this utterly comforting massage combines different strokes and techniques to soothe tense muscles and improve circulation. The entire massage is performed using a multi-purpose dry oil from luxury Spanish skincare brand, Natura Bissé: Packed with fatty acids and antioxidants, this oil also helps improve skin firmness and doesn’t leave a greasy residue. Visit

Best Drainage Massage: Activating Body, $180 for 60 minutes, THREE Rhythm Spa
Based on the philosophy that the human biological rhythm is interlinked with the body’s various functions, this holistic treatment focuses on stimulating the lymph nodes to regulate bodily functions. Using carefully selected botanical ingredients, your therapist applies appropriate pressure to specific points of the body to boost detoxification and circulation so you emerge feeling revitalised. Visit

Best Hot/Cold Stone Massage: Hot Lapis Stone Massage, $200 for 60 minutes or $280 for 90 minutes, The Ritz-Carlton Spa
This deeply therapeutic and lavish massage alleviates aches and tension with long, firm strokes to work out kinks and knots. The use of heated lapis stones helps to warm up the body’s muscles, further enhancing the efficacy of the massage for instant relief. Visit

Best Hangover Cure: AWAY Massage, $250++ for 90 minutes, AWAY Spa
Feeling the after-effects of a night out? Check yourself in at AWAY Spa for its signature AWAY Massage. A customised blend of essential oils is freshly concocted to suit your needs and preferences before a mixture of various massage techniques are applied to relieve fatigue and hasten toxin removal for increased vitality. Visit

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Best Deep Tissue Massage: Indonesian Balinese Massage, $160 for 60 minutes, St. Gregory at PARKROYAL on Beach Road
Ideal for those plagued with stiffness and aches, this time-honoured body therapy uses Balinese massage techniques like pressure point and percussion movements so you feel invigorated and revitalised. Visit

Best Anti-Aches Massage: Lush Muscle Relief Massage, $190 for 90 minutes, Lush Spa
Merging acupressure techniques with firm, long strokes, this massage effectively loosens kinks and knots to relieve tension and sore muscles. A blend of lemongrass, lemon and ginger essential oils is used to soothe stiff muscles, and promote circulation and flexibility, making it perfect for anyone with chronic aches. Visit

Best Aromatherapy Massage: Aroma Oil Massage, $138+ for 90 minutes, Yunomori Onsen & Spa
Marrying Japanese philosophy with Thai remedies, this stress-relieving massage not only alleviates sore muscles, but also uses essential oils to put your mind at ease. Visit

Best Foot Massage: Royal Meridian Foot and Back Therapy, $190.46 for 100 minutes, The Luxe House
Not your ordinary foot massage, this extensive therapy is ideal for busy, desk-bound individuals who lead a sedentary lifestyle. It first begins with a herbal foot soak to boost circulation before your therapist performs a stimulating acupressure foot massage. The massage also extends to the back and legs to improve energy flow and vitality. Visit

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