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With a name like Exilis Skin Gym, it’s no secret what Moyem Medical Aesthetics promises to deliver
with its treatment. Just like how sit-ups strengthen and firm up the abdomen, and jogging increases endurance and improves cardiovascular health, the Exilis Skin Gym treatment dramatically lifts, sculpts and strengthens the skin at problem areas.


The treatment combats skin ageing in three key steps: Warm-Up, Cardio-Sculpt and Cool-Down.
But unlike a workout at the gym, you won’t break into a sweat with this. The procedure begins with exfoliation to eliminate dead skin cells and activate cell renewal. Next, Moyem’s medical grade monopolar radio frequency energy is used to boost blood circulation and accelerate collagen remodelling and regeneration.

In the final part of the treatment, the skin is dressed in an antioxidant cocktail of potent peptides and vitamins before SkinFit Therapy’s micro-ultrasound is applied to enhance lymphatic drainage and augment the benefits of the infusion.

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Photo: Courtesy

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Exilis Skin Gym is a highly versatile non-invasive treatment that targets skin firmness and elasticity; and it’s suitable for all skin types. Another upside to this facial workout? You don’t have to own a gym membership to experience getting toned and tightened.

Exilis Skin Gym starts from $449.40 (inclusive of GST) per area. Available at Moyem Medical Aesthetics, #03-15 Great World City, Tel: 6235 0883. For more information, visit*

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