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A multitude of factors can affect your skin. While some people might be more predisposed to sensitive skin due to genetics, lifestyle factors tend to aggravate the condition and compromise your skin’s ability to fend off external sources of irritation effectively. For example, when your skin is subjected to pollutants, temperature fluctuations or certain skincare ingredients, it can become sensitised, dehydrated and flushed.


At Caring Skin, your therapist customises a tailored treatment plan to nurse skin back to health. Those with sensitive skin will appreciate the SensiVital Plus treatment. Using a host of specially chosen active ingredients, it treats multiple conditions that plague sensitive skin. Boasting a high amount of essential fatty acids—the basic components for the skin’s cell membrane—the treatment reconstructs the protective barrier of the skin and locks in moisture to increase resistance against environmental stresses.

Caring Skin
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Say goodbye to sensitive skin with the SensiVital Plus facial treatment. The utterly soothing and moisturising treatment uses only gentle yet power-packed plant-based ingredients to combat sensitive skin at a cellular level. The result? Skin regains its resilience against environmental aggressors from inside out, and instantly feels softer and plumper.

SensiVital Plus is $250 for 90 minutes. Available at Caring Skin, #07-07A International Building, Tel: 6737 7797. For more information, visit

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