It’s true what they say about eyebrows: They frame your face, and can provide a natural facelift with a simple change of shape, size and definition. The art of drawing perfect arches, however, takes lots of patience, practice and products; and runs the risk of inconsistency, which is why eyebrow embroidery can be a huge problem solver—and beauty treat. Think hassle-free, immaculately groomed brows round the clock, for at least two to three years with good care. That is what Avone Beauty Secrets’ 9V Ultimate Virtual Eyebrow Embroidery can deliver.


Developed in South Korea, this revolutionary semi-permanent technique is reportedly gentle on the skin, boasting the ability to recreate some of the most natural-looking “hair
strands”. Nano embroidery needles are used to embed pigments beneath the upper epidermis to mimic the pattern of your existing hair, which is usually thicker at the follicle and thinner at the tip, all without damaging the deeper skin tissues. Promising to be suitable even for those with sensitive skin, these micro-needles allow the therapists to create soft and realistic eyebrow strokes with great precision.

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Thick and square for a more Korean-style brow or lengthened with a raised arch for a Kardashian effect, enhancing your features or completely altering your look has never been easier. Using this revolutionary 9V technique with the specialised 9V Ultimate Nano Embroidery Needle, you will experience no bleeding, pain or peeling, and minimal swelling. You will get your desired results from the first embroidery session, as well as a complimentary facial and free touch-ups over the following two years.

9V Ultimate Virtual Eyebrow Embroidery package is $1,480.
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