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Intensive, holistic and oh-soluxurious, The Fullerton Spa’s The Asian Heritage Signature treatment is designed to detoxify and energise the mind, body and spirit with a fusion of massage techniques. Think Chinese pressure-point kneading and stretching combined with a deep tissue massage to alleviate stored tensions, boost circulation and aid in lymphatic drainage, all in the comforts of a lavish spa suite.


The 90-minute pampering session begins with a thorough scalp massage to instantly put you in a state of utter relief and relaxation. The therapist then applies pressure on and along the meridian points of your body—the line in which one’s energy flows, according to Oriental practices. You’d also appreciate when the therapist literally stretches your body, releasing you of any aches and knots in the muscles, while improving skin elasticity and flexibility of joints. Then comes the deep tissue massage, which uses a skin-loving and spirit-uplifting blend of warmed rosemary, ginger, lavender and black pepper oils.

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While the massage oil blend rejuvenates and firms the skin, the knead-down perks up the senses, eases tense muscles, and leaves you walking out feeling a whole lot lighter. After the well-deserved therapy, unwind some more at the spa’s steam room, sauna or 25-metre-long infinity pool. Bliss.

The Asian Heritage Signature is $240++ per session. Available at The Fullerton Spa located in The Fullerton Hotel Singapore, Tel: 6877 8182/8183.

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