Spa Awards 2019 Best Sports Massage: Deep Tissue Massage

Let Vedure’s master masseuse release those knots with their Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage - Vedure Face, Body & Nail MediSpa

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If you are  an athlete  or avid  gym-goer, there’s  a high possibility you need regular deep tissue massage sessions to reduce muscular tension, stretch out stiffness or strains, and flush away lymphatic fluids like lactic acid (prone to those who do more strenuous exercise). Those who aren’t as active however, may also experience aches and tensed muscles  from  sitting  in front of their computer screens all day. Let Vedure’s master masseuse release those knots, optimise your recovery process and more, with its signature Deep Tissue Massage.

The therapist intuitively kneads and manipulates the inner layers of your muscles, tendons and fascia, alleviating tightness and chronic pain. Then come the longer, rhythmic strokes that deeply relax  muscles and joints, improving flexibility and mobility using  natural  oils  packed with detoxification properties. The benefits not  only  include  relieving   stiffness and  aches,  but  also   reducing   stress   levels and releasing  blockages  along  the  meridians of the body to stimulate energy flow from within.

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Deep Tissue Massage - Vedure Face, Body & Nail MediSpa

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The treatment starts with a foot soak to relax the senses, followed by 60 minutes of bliss on an extra wide and comfortable massage bed that will have you drifting off as the therapist works on your aches. This healing and invigorating massage treatment is just what tired bodies need when the going gets tough.

Deep Tissue Massage is $138 for 60 minutes and $168 for 90 minutes. Available at Vedure Face, Body & Nail MediSpa, #04-06 Wheelock Place,Tel: 6732 6448. For more information, visit

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