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The practice of aromatherapy goes back centuries and has been lauded by many an ancient civilisation, including the Egyptians, Chinese, Indians, Greeks and Romans. In modern times, the love for the craft has taken the form of self-care rituals where essential oils are incorporated into baths, skincare routines and massages. Said to enhance our well-being both physically and emotionally, the benefits of aromatherapy span the gamut, from relaxing and rejuvenating the body to de-stressing and re-balancing the mind. To experience the healing energies of aromatherapy, check into a massage suite at Adeva Spa for its signature HANN White Tea Massage.

Adeva Spa
Working off the premise that the state of your mind and body is intrinsically linked to the condition of your skin, the massage is designed as a holistic healing treatment that indulges all of your senses. To that end, Adeva Spa specially utilises the White Tea Body Treatment Cream from its own collection of aromatherapy body treatment creams, all of which are formulated using oils sourced from certified organic farmers in the US and Canada.

Referred to as the “elixir of life” in some parts of Asia due to its high content of polyphenols and antioxidants, white tea boasts several skincare benefits when applied topically: It protects skin against inflammation, and is said to strengthen the elastin and collagen within connective tissues to help prevent wrinkles.

Every firm stroke performed by your masseuse will not only work out the tension and knots in your muscles, but also send you drifting off into a cloud of bliss, thanks to the delicate fragrance of white tea.

As you de-stress and recalibrate your physical condition, you are simultaneously boosting your skin’s immunity and uplifting your spirit with the sensorial effect provided by the aromatic ambience. Post-massage, you’ll find yourself emerging with a more limber physique, a clearer state of mind and a sense of inner calm. This is your total wellness programme sorted.

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Experience the HANN White Tea Massage at $98 nett.

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HANN White Tea Massage is available at Adeva Spa, #06-22/23/24 Paragon (tel: 6836 9988/WhatsApp:8776 4789), and Level 6, One Farrer Hotel  (tel: 6705 7850/WhatsApp: 8398 7139).

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