Spa Awards 2020
Photo: Yulia Gorbachenko

Regenerating Brows
$1,940 for 90 minutes, La Vida
Need a complete eyebrow overhaul? Look to La Vida’s Regenerating Brows. Brow specialists zoom in on any imperfections to alter and correct shape, shade and fullness with intricate strokes and dimensional tone, using natural pigments for fuller, flawless brows with no downtime.

Natural EyeBrow
$1,488 for 90 minutes, Browtisan
Also known as the 6D Eyebrow, this is great for those who want fuller, lusher brows that still look natural and soft. Expert beauticians adopt a fine microblading technique to create delicate strokes that mimic real brow hairs and their direction of growth, creating good shape and dimensional fullness, so you wake up every day with a set of “natural” arches that best frame your face.

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EyeBrow Trimming
$18 for 15 minutes, Browtisan
When all you need is a quick trim and pluck to keep your brows nice and neat, trust Browtisan
to get the job done efficiently. Think pain-free hair removal with a swift trim to recreate and maintain the ideal arch for your face shape, which the therapists are more than happy to advise you on.

Volume Lashes
From $160 for 90 minutes, KJS Studio
The beauticians and most of the customers here are Japanese, so you know you’re in good company. You have the option of choosing the length, thickness and curl you like, but if it’s light but luscious, natural-looking eyelashes you want, try Volume Lashes, which range from 2D (basically, two strands combined to form a cluster lash) to 6D. The ultra-thin strands are then skilfully adhered close to the root of your natural lashes with a special glue that doesn’t sting, giving you fluttery, eye-opening extensions for at least a month.

Bastien’s Duo
$300 for 75 minutes, Remède Spa at The St. Regis Singapore
The king of all mani-pedis, this waterless treatment sees two highly trained therapists perform synchronised steps to restore the look of your hands, feet and nails. What it involves: A tension-relieving massage to relax your limbs; a gentle but thorough polishing of your nails with a specially developed drill, diamond dust and proprietary cream made with mother-of-pearl extracts; and a buff using a custom-made chamois leather tool, which imparts even greater glow and extreme cushiony softness.

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Classic Manicure
$28 for 60 minutes, Nail Palace
With 21 outlets across the island, Nail Palace already scores when it comes to convenience. But its real points come from the staff’s warm hospitality and attention to detail. Every one of the trained nail technicians display a level of meticulousness and care that’s commendable, with a sincere approach to helping you tackle any common nail ailments. Add to that swift skills in cuticle cleaning, excellent nail care and intricate, ultra-glossy paint jobs that don’t chip for at least a week or two, and you’ve got yourself a winner.

Various 3D Nail Art
From $55 for 60 minutes, Leekaja
Whatever your desire—be it delicate blooms, multi-dimensional bling on your natural nails, or statement-making extensions—trust that your digits are in the good, nimble hands of Leekaja’s nail artists, who make sure every detail is applied precisely for maximum appeal. Using some of
the most up-to-date techniques fresh out of South Korea, the designs are created with Bandi Nail polishes that aren’t just vibrant and hardy, but also eco-friendly, thanks to the natural ingredients used.

Silky Smooth IPL Hair Removal
$160 for 30 minutes, EstheClinic
Bid farewell to the prickly task of maintaining smooth, hair-free skin by opting for this painless hair-removal treatment using intense pulsed light (IPL) technology. Boasting technology said to work twice as fast as traditional IPL systems, the treatment will have you lying on a comfy bed with just a slight warm sensation on the target areas for five to 20 minutes. After six to eight visits, expect approximately 80 to 90 percent of hair to be removed permanently.

Classic Pedicure
$40 for 60 minutes, Nail Palace
A pedicure that feels like a foot spa, this treatment starts off with a warm foot soak, which the therapist may add an antifungal pill to, to treat any infections if needed. Then comes the foot filing to remove the build-up of dead skin and any calluses, gently but effectively smoothing out the heels and balls of your feet. Next, your cuticles are trimmed and the nails, cleaned, cut and buffed so they not only look healthy and shiny, but are also free of ingrown nails. A light massage follows before the painting begins. The therapists here advise leaving polish on for three weeks max to avoid conditions such as yellowing nails, so it’s best to schedule appointments once a month.

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