Many discerning men turn to aesthetic treatments because they value efficiency and effectiveness. Some therapies, though, come with side effects such as redness and bruising that take some time to fade and disappear completely, which could mean cutting out social activities for a while. But thanks to constantly advancing technology, such side effects are becoming less common, and you get to enjoy instantly noticeable results with zero downtime, so you can get on with your daily routine.

Porcelain’s CO2 Skin Renewal face treatment uses a method that is less aggressive than other treatment modalities yet delivers maximum results. It works by creating an abundance of carbon dioxide on skin, triggering the Bohr effect, which causes red blood cells to release oxygen. This rush of oxygen floods skin cells, stimulates microcirculation and improves cellular function.

The treatment begins with a thorough cleansing. Next, the therapist applies a layer of specialised gel all over the face before laying a carboxy sheet on top. When the sheet comes into contact with this gel, carbon dioxide is released; you may feel a warm, tingling sensation that lasts a few minutes. This is followed by a cryoprobe facial massage that lowers the surface temperature of the skin while infusing it with a customised concoction of antioxidants and skin-loving ingredients. The cryoprobe also emits microcurrents to enhance the penetration of active ingredients. As a last step, your skin is treated to a Hydrocare Bio-cellulose Mask, which contains humectants that replenish moisture. It is left on for 15 minutes before specially chosen skincare products are applied.

Suitable for all skin types, but particularly beneficial for dull and tired complexions, this facial is perfect for those seeking immediate results. Those with drier skin might experience a more intense tingling sensation. For mature skin, the Hydrocare Bio-cellulose Mask will be swapped for a Honey Milk Mask that has greater moisturising and healing properties. In just one hour, you can see improvement in your skin texture-your complexion becomes noticeably brighter, more even-toned and smoother.

CO2 Skin Renewal ($298.50 for 60 minutes) is available at Porcelain Origins, #04-48 Paragon (tel: 6850 5161); Porcelain Signatures, #01-02 Guoco Tower (tel: 6386 5388); Porcelain Aesthetics, #03-13 Orchard Gateway (tel: 6844 9660); and Porcelain Face Spa, 15 Cantonment Road (tel: 6227 9692). For more information, visit