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If one of your 2020 resolutions is to have a bikini-ready body for those beach vacays you’ve been putting off, consider it done with a little help from the pros in busting fat. Designed to improve body contours—with the fringe benefit of boosting your overall confidence and wellbeing—ICON Aesthetics’ 360 Freeze treatment is the revolutionary way to get rid of unwanted fat without having to put yourself through yo-yo diets or painful surgical procedures. 

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The innovative technology behind this entirely non-invasive, KFDA-approved treatment gets rid of excess fat with a freezing capability that covers a wider area. This is achieved by using a unique applicator with cooling plates that completely surround the targeted area, thereby ensuring maximum coverage and delivery of the cold blast. Compared to traditional fat freeze treatments which uses a dual-plate applicator, the one from ICON Aesthetics is able to hug the contours of the body better to deliver 360-degree cooling with maximum coverage. Even better, the treatment is able to treat small and delicate areas such as the neck region—which is one of the hardest areas to reduce fat without resorting to surgery—making it perfect for ridding double chins or contouring the jawline.

360 Freeze
Photo: Courtesy of ICON Aesthetics

Once the applicator is secured and the machine is started up, the extreme cold applied over the targeted area will cause the fat cells to crystallise, and they will break down over time. And you can rest easy if you’re afraid the freezing temperature might be damaging to your body; the genius behind 360 Freeze ensures that only the fat cells are affected by this process while the surrounding tissues, such as the skin, blood vessels and nerves are left unharmed. Eventually, the broken down fat cells are eliminated from the body naturally through its waste removal system, leaving behind a slimmer shape post-treatment.

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Changes can be seen from as little as one session, thanks to the full-coverage applicator which helps to freeze up to 40 percent fat compared to similar fat-busting treatments, which typically only result in about 25 percent of fat loss. Additionally, the safety standards behind 360 Freeze allows it to deliver up to four sessions worth of freezing treatments in one shot, making this a great option for time-strapped individuals. 

360 Freeze is available from $598 per session, at ICON Aesthetics, #02-01E Wisma Atria (tel: 6219 3363/WhatsApp: 9664 0204). 

For more information, visit iconaesthetics.com.sg.

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