Slack skin is every woman’s worst nightmare. No thanks to depleted collagen stores and the loss of elasticity, our skin becomes droopy over time, adding years to our look. It is the reason why we are beset with wrinkles on our face or that unsightly wattle on our neck.

Thankfully, with the latest skin-tightening technology by Sofwave, you can firm up your skin and restore its youthfulness at Mizu Aesthetic Clinic. Harnessing breakthrough ultrasound technology, this non- invasive treatment works by rebuilding collagen and tightening up your skin to combat those unwanted wrinkles.

Going strong and deep

Using high-frequency ultrasound beams, Sofwave’s beams penetrate through each layer of the skin to create an array of volumetric cylindrical-shaped (3D) thermal zones. Through targeted tissue heating, your body is encouraged to product new collagen—the essential building block for a smoother and firmer complexion.

What makes Sofwave stand out from other treatments is that it only needs to target a single depth at 1.5mm. That means its concentrated energy output yields greater results in a shorter time. The heat energy also causes your skin to contract and become taut immediately, so you can see improvement in fine lines and wrinkles after just one treatment.

Wherever you need it

Thanks to its integrated cooling mechanism which protects the epidermis, this innovative skin-tightening treatment ensures a cool and comfortable experience on the surface even while generating high temperatures for the penetrating ultrasound beams.

Best of all, it’s not just for your face and neck—Sofwave can also treat wobbly bits at the abdomen or knees. That means you can show off a smoother version of yourself from top to toe.

Sofwave ($2,996 for 120 minutes) is available at Mizu Aesthetic Clinic: Marina Bay Link Mall #B2-12, Tel: 6634 4033

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