A good set of eyelashes can make or break your eye look. When it comes to eyelash extensions, more isn’t always better. Full, and overly voluminous lashes can sometimes make the eyelids look heavy, and even make your eyes appear smaller than they really are. That’s why you can count on the experts at Dreamlash for their Korean Volume Eyelash Extensions to enhance your eyes, all while looking and feeling weightless.

Volume without the weight

The Korean Volume Eyelash Extensions uses a technique where two eyelash extensions are applied to each of your own eyelash, lending it volume. As each of our eyes are different, the lash artists customise a look with a variety of lashes that range in length, curl and thickness to enhance your natural beauty. Each of these lashes are made with cruelty-free vegan lashes that are soft to the touch, which makes them extremely comfortable to wear, as though they were your own lashes.

Have it your way

There are two styles for Dreamlash’s Korean Volume to choose from—Korean Volume Yeppo, which means ‘Pretty’ in Korean and Korean Volume Areum, which means ‘Beautiful’. Korean Volume Yeppo uses light and fine lashes for an everyday look while Korean Volume Areum uses multiple ultra fine lashes to give off the glamour of a Korean celebrity makeup look.

Each session starts off with a detailed consultation so that the lash artist and the customer are aligned on the desired outcome based on the customer’s eye shape. The lash artist would then recommend the appropriate length, curl and style based on the consultation, taking into consideration the client’s lash health as well. The lash extensions are then carefully applied to each lash strand to create a natural-looking volume and curl that enhances the eyes.

Korean Volume Eyelash Extensions (from $168 for 90 minutes) is available at Dreamlash located at the following outlets:

  • CityLink Mall #B1-07, Tel: 6884 8019
  • Compass One #04-24, Tel: 6386 5226

For more information, visit www.dreamlash.com.sg or follow them on Instagram @dreamlashkorea.

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