9 Best Dry Shampoo
Photo: Alexander Krivitskiy

Dry shampoos are a godsend. A few spritzes not only soak up excess grease on your scalp, but adds volume to limp strands, and they are perfect for days when you’re just feeling too lazy or busy to give your hair a proper wash.

Plus, unlike too frequent washing of your hair, which can dry out your scalp by stripping oil out from its roots, dry shampoo can help control and stabilise your scalp’s oil production in the long run.

But make sure to use it for no more than two days to prevent product build up – dry shampoos may soak up oil, but it can’t remove dirt and grime. 

Singapore’s humid weather can quickly leave scalp oily and hair lifeless and limp, which is why a dry shampoo is in order. Click through below for the nine best dry shampoos for humid weather.

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