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Regain full and healthy hair at Svenson

On average, it is normal for an adult to lose up to 100 strands of hair a day. This also explains why men and women alike are seldom alarmed when they notice hair fall after combing. The flip side: We often only notice obvious signs of hair thinning at a much later stage—because overall hair volume can reduce by up to 50 percent without any visible bald spot. It is an accepted fact that a good percentage of men will experience hair loss problems at some point in their lives. But, what is alarming is that hair loss is happening to the younger set, with an estimated 60 percent facing hair loss before the age of 25.

svenson hair centre
The original Svenson Hair Care in London

First established in London in 1956, Svenson Hair Centre has been the go-to for those seeking a tailor-made treatment programme for common hair problems including thinning hair, irritable and oily scalps. A firm believer in customisation, every customer’s visit begins with an in-depth analysis of his current hair and scalp condition. Your experienced trichologist will then design a personalised treatment problem to help you target your hair- and scalp-related problems. This is why it is recommended that you seek professional help when going in for a hair loss treatment as getting a misdiagnosis for a hair treatment course can actually aggravate hair loss problems.

svenson hair centre
Svenson Hair Care combines cutting edge technology with premium ingredients

In addition, Svenson Hair Centre maintains close relationships with an exclusive network of international trichologists from all over the world so its staff members are well-versed with the latest pharmaceutical finds and electronic and laser technology that can help improve your hair and scalp condition. They also provide stress management tips and nutritional advice to help maintain scalp health for fuller hair growth in a holistic and sustainable manner.

svenson hair centre
Svenson Hair Care in Singapore

For those who are beginning to notice early signs of thinning hair, try Svenson’s Vital Energy HairGro. Featuring non-invasive, Proionic technology, this revitalising treatment is designed to improve the strength of hair follicles, increase hair thickness and alleviate scalp sensitivity and reduce any flakiness. A popular feature for facial treatments, the Proionic technology works by emitting radiofrequency waves into deeper layers of the scalp to accelerate cell regeneration for inside-out scalp rejuvenation that promises healthier and fuller hair growth with longer-lasting results.

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