Take A Tour Of The Herb Garden With Jo Malone London’s New Fragrances

The perfume house brings you closer to nature with their new limited edition Herb Garden collection

Let Jo Malone London be your gateway to the Herb Garden this Spring with the launch of five limited edition fragrances masterfully created by perfumer Anne Flipo.

jo malone london herb garden perfume

Photo: Courtesy of Jo Malone London

As is tradition with Jo Malone London, the Herb Garden series marries together unexpected ingredients to bring out the best in both. For instance, this collection includes Carrot Blossom & Fennel, a complex blend of earthy, fruity, and floral scents.  Another interesting fragrance is Nasturtium & Clover, striking a balance between crisp freshness and sweet warmth. Leaving no leaf unturned, this limited edition series also features Sorrel & Lemon Thyme, Wild Strawberry & Parsley, Lavender & Coriander—no matter the season, this garden has something for everybody.

jo malone london herb garden perfume anne flipo

Anne Flipo ; Photo: Courtesy of Jo Malone London

“I wanted these fragrances to be sophisticated in their simplicity which is something intrinsic to the signature of Jo Malone London. I used many high quality natural ingredients and I wanted to give those ingredients an opportunity to shine with absolute clarity. This type of construction means that they can be layered with one another to change the nuance of the scent and create something individual,” Flipo said.

jo malone london herb garden perfume

Photo: Courtesy of Jo Malone London

So whether we have an actual garden or not, one thing’s for sure: We’ll definitely be carrying a bottle (or more) of spring when this collection launches in March 2016.

By Tanvi Rajvanshi

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