sheet masks

It’s not every day that we want to get our hands on any tech-y beauty product, but this is one that we just can’t wait to hit market shelves. At the recently concluded International Beauty Expo Korea, a nifty machine was presented that allows you to make your own sheet face masks from your favourite blend of fruits and vegetables.

Refinery29‘s Joyce Kong reports, “Fruit and/or vegetables go in like they would into a juicer, a tablet and water are added, and five minutes later, a mask is born. The tablet contains natural thickeners like konjac, seaweed extracts, and agar to maskify the fresh juice. Best of all, the process is super customisable, meaning you can add your favourite serum or essence into the mix or swap out water with another liquid like milk.”

How cool is that?

We’re thinking cool combinations inspired by our favourite cocktails: cucumber, mint and lemon or a summer favourite, watermelon and honey. Swoon. While the machine may not be available any time soon, here’s hoping that it will go into production and come to a store near us in the foreseeable future. Watch the video below to see how it works:


Text by Pakkee