Fashion month may have gone digital for 2021, but that doesn’t mean there was a shortage of inspirational hair, nail, and makeup looks. With more attention being paid to the little things—and more eyes watching from screens around the world—the spring 2021 runways delivered on the nail polish front. Below, the nail art and shade trends we’ll be copying this spring, inspired by our favorite designer looks and the styles currently popping up across Instagram.

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1. Bubblegum Pink

Prepare yourself for a splash of color. Bubblegum pink popped up on the nails at Fendi, Christian Cowan, and Tom Ford. The attention-grabbing color went with everything, from the ethereal textures of Fendi to the at-home-in-style sets at Tom Ford.

Take it from Tom Ford—you might as well match your nail polish with your lipstick with your purse.

2. Natural Nudes

“The nails I recently did at the Jason Wu fashion show were very clean, sleek, and nude—this is a timeless trend that will likely carry over to 2021,” says manicurist Deborah Lippmann. Mimic the runway look by going with a sheer nude, like Lippmann’s Brand New Day, so that the natural tonal variation of your nail peeks through.

A simple nude color can be used to balance a bolder nail shape. “We’ve been wearing the almond for so many seasons, which is feminine and timeless, but it is time to bring out our strength,” Lippmann continues. “I predict a stronger nail shape, like a squoval (a square nail with a rounded edge), will be most popular in spring 2021.”

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3. Cozy Pastels

Don’t be surprised if an extra pink tone sneaks into those nude nails. Or a yellow, or even a soft green. “As we wish for a better future, optimism remains strong with a hope for better days. We react by seeking colors that are soft and decorative, cozy pastels that appeal to our search for comfort, shades that seem inviting,” says Lippmann.

Cozy Pastels

Go ahead an incorporate a nail art technique you love—like a French tip or abstract squiggle—in with your favorite barely-there shades. “I think minimalist trends with simple geometric shapes and lines will continue to thrive,” adds Lippmann.

4. Rainbow Royale

Lippmann predicts that rainbow nails—”a different color on each nail”— will stay at the forefront of nail art, since “it’s such a simple way to change up your look.” Keep it easy with monochromatic hues, or push it to the extreme and include 3D textures, à la Chromat.

Not sure how to begin coordinating your own color palette? Shop the shades from just one nail polish collection, or pick up a pre-made kit—the colors are curated to work wonderfully as a set.

This article originally appeared on Harper’s BAZAAR US.

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