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The truth is out: There is power in perfume. When you have the right fragrance, its irresistible scent not only elevates your olfactory senses, it can also transform your outlook and inspire world-conquering confidence that makes you feel invincible. 

Every woman deserves to have her own unique scent

Adding layers of mystique and allure, a perfectly curated fragrance is like putting the final touches to an outfit that is utterly unique to you.

Understanding that no two women are alike, that is why the innovative and trendsetting Italian luxury brand Bvlgari is taking their latest collection of eau de parfum and essences to new heights with a new concept, #MagnifyForMore. Instead of the typical one-size-fits-all approach, its Allegra collection lets you customise your very own exclusive elixir using five exhilarating fragrances and five Magnifying essences, so you can show off a scent that is truly yours. 

Crafted with raw, natural materials exclusive to Bvlgari, like bergamot and patchouli, spritz the Magnifying essence on top of a Bvlgari Allegra EDP to add a twist to your scent, depending on whether you like something particularly sprightly or prefer something mellower. By varying the number of spritzes, the Bvlgari Allegra EDP and Magnifying essences can be layered in a plethora of combinations to create your personal scent. 

The sky is the limit, as your imagination is free to explore the endless possibilities!

Allegra EDP, $263 for 50ml, $375 for 100ml; Magnifying essence, $300 for 40ml, Bvlgari

Mix and match to create your very own signature fragrance

First, choose one of the five EDP fragrances in Allegra’s core collection. To create your personalised signature scent, pick from five exclusive essences. Aptly named Magnifying, the five essences are specially formulated to magnify and enhance the profiles of the five fragrances.


What is your penchant when it comes to perfumes? Here are your choices from Bvlgari’s Allegra collection:

Energizing & Exhilarating

* For energising exhilaration, try Eau de Parfum #1: Riva Solare

This sparkling citrus fragrance opens with a lively splash of tart Calabrian bergamot, followed by the fresh scent of orange blossoms, accented by Osmanthus and mandarin even as a base of sultry musks intensify this invigorating fusion.

Loving & Exalting

* For loving exaltation, try Eau de Parfum #2: Fiori D’Amore

Capturing the passionate energy of love, this sensual rose fragrance with the fresh and youthful aroma of Turkish and Bulgarian red roses is underscored by a new modern accord, Prelude Raspberry, for a delicate yet intense experience.

Caressing & Comforting

* For caressing comfort, try Eau de Parfum #3: Dolce Estasi

This dreamy floral fragrance centres on a heliotrope accord and a powdery floral that is enhanced by a zesty Italian citrus, while a final musk accord gives it a smooth finish.

Fulfilling & Intoxicating

* For intoxicating fulfilment, try Eau de Parfum #4: Rock’n’Rome
Marrying the bright and uplifting floral perfume with the deep and woody spice of oriental perfume, this fragrance starts with an effervescent-like sparkle of zesty notes, followed by the fruity aromas of Osmanthus and apricot before tapering off into a sweet benzoin gum.

Exuberating & Enchanting

* For exuberant enchantment, try Eau de Parfum #5: Fantasia Veneta

Featuring the Indonesian patchouli, which was created exclusively for Bvlgari, this nuanced chypre accord delivers in surprising twists, with a decadent red peach accord and a hint of addictive vanilla scent. 


Taking #MagnifyForMore to new heights, add a twist to your bespoke scent of choice with these enhancing essences:

For bliss, try Essence #1: Magnifying Musk 

Crafted with ambrette, the musk accord in this warm and sultry essence reveals a sophisticated radiance.

For joy, try Essence #2: Magnifying Bergamot

Bursting with sunny energy, this citrus essence features the Calabrian bergamot that contains sweet and crisp notes. 

For love, try Essence #3: Magnifying Rose

This floral essence blends Bulgarian and Turkish roses to offer a velvety and voluptuous intensity.

For passion, try Essence #4: Magnifying Patchouli

Made with patchouli from Indonesia, this seductive and sensual essence is enriched by woody and chypre facets.

For a thrill, try Essence #5: Magnifying Vanilla

With vanilla beans from Madagascar, this delicately sweet essence with complex nuances makes it irresistibly addictive.

When you are armed with a personalised Bvlgari fragrance that is fuelled by your own creativity, it is no longer just about the power of the perfect perfume, but the possibilities of what you can achieve in life. 

The Bvlgari Allegra collection priced at $263 for 50ml, $375 for 100ml and  $300 for 40ml for the Magnifying essence.

Experience the Bvlgari Allegra collection at a special pop-up space located at ION SKY from 15 to 17 Jan or shop online at from 16 Jan. Also available at Takashimaya departmental store from 19 Jan onwards.

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