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It’s official, celery is 2019’s favourite superfood. As the go-to veggie for its watery base, celery has become the ideal candidate for the first thing you juice in the morning. Anthony William, the self professed “medical medium”, claims that in order to lose weight, one must drink 16 ounces of it before breakfast. Thanks to his viral post, celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Pharrell Williams, Kim Kardashian, and Jenna Dewan have all got behind the trend.

Rich in vitamins (C, A and K), folate and potassium, mineral-heavy celery contains flavones. Flavones are a type of flavanoids that are resistant to pesticides, fungal diseases and protection against plant-eating insects. In addition, celery also contains 95 percent water and potassium. Blessed with vitamins, flavones and high water content, juicing celery can give you the extra hydration your skin actually needs during the soaring temps and high humidity of our climate.

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On top of extra hydration, celery juice has been claimed to clear up brain fog, eczema, increase fertility and lower blood sugar levels. William adds that celery juice breaks down body fat as it strengthens your bile. If there’s one thing that has been helping celery juice drinkers achieve all these aforementioned health perks, it’s because the plant contains minerals that starve pathogens in diseases.

Aside from all the perks, what exactly are the experts worried about? Given that your trusty little bottle of cold pressed juice tends to hold higher amounts of sugar, celery juice contains more saccharine sweetness than the stalk itself. If higher sugar levels are the devil, the lack of fiber is an alarming concern as you need it to feed the good bacteria in your tummy.

Worse, your stomach has to work extra hard at digesting the fiber if you drink it before eating. Form there, it leads to Full But Not Sastisfied Syndrome (FNSS), which allows your tummy to feel full, but not “full” enough (i.e. you’re bound to snack more!). Essentially, drinking it won’t necessarily lead to the desired dress size you’ve always dreamed of.

All in all, drinking your way to a smaller dress size won’t necessarily lead you to weight loss. Instead, you can simply drink celery juice as a supplement to substitute your mid-afternoon coffee or snack as it can help you get some fuel throughout a busy day at work. No matter how many times you want to try extreme diets or celebrity-touted wellness causes, it honestly never hurts to give it a try.

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