It’s a grand statement, but La Prairie in the world of beauty comes closest in comparison to Leonardo Da Vinci in the world of art—a revolutionary painter, scientist and inventor, whose works continue to transcend the test of time.

Before the rise of cutting-edge technology, the Swiss beauty brand saw what no one else did in the culinary delicacy that is caviar. Each bead had the potential to benefit skin in equally grand ways, like reversing the effects of environmental damage for tighter, younger-looking skin. It was then that Skin Caviar was first unveiled, an anti-ageing skincare breakthrough in the form of golden beads encapsulating doses of enhanced, concentrated actives like Caviar Extract. Combining this scientific breakthrough with an elegant aesthetic, it didn’t take long for those coveted jars to fly off counters and spark a full collection, starting with the addition of Skin Caviar Luxe Cream in 1998.

Fast forward 30 years, and an evolution that has seen Caviar Extract expand into Caviar Water and Caviar Absolute formulas, the brand’s quest to combine luxurious ingredients and state-of-the-art technology continues with an improved iteration of the Skin Caviar Luxe Cream with Caviar Premier. Scientists at La Prairie have amplified this newly-formed extract that harnesses caviar’s full potential for the first time, with components that were previously impossible to isolate. This lighter but luscious cream is now able to sink even deeper into the skin’s barriers to lift and firm more effectively, leaving skin richly supple and taut, and free of fine lines.

Reflecting this remastered skincare formula is La Prairie’s affinity to art. This inextricable link has been evidenced most recently by its newly reminted stores worldwide, which are part boutique and part gallery, showcasing innovative beauty creations amongst exclusive art by collaborators such as Manon Wertenbroek. The Swiss artist’s trio of La Prairie-inspired artworks were unveiled at the 2018 edition of Art Basel in Basel, Switzerland, and paid homage to the storied heritage of caviar, from science and aesthetics to the level of indulgence it remains ever so coveted for.

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