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Everyone knows how much of a chore the journey to a lean, healthy body can be. Believe us, we’d much rather sit on the couch and tuck into an indulgent bowl of ice cream than spend even 10 minutes on the treadmill. These 3 places however, might just give us an incentive to gear up and get fit.

Yoga Movement

With Yoga Movement you get the whole package. Classes that can be scheduled to your liking (within a six month period), a rustic yet modern setting to get you in the right frame of mind and even a store full of fab workout attire and yoga mats for those who want to stretch and flex in style. Housed in four trendy, minimalist spaces, the YM studio was the brainchild of singer/songwriter Alicia Pan, who masterfully juggles her love for music with her passion for fitness. Since its inception it has been gaining popularity owing in part to its versatility, offering courses for beginners and pros, with numerous types of yoga from a vigorous 90 minute Monster Hot workout to a slow-paced Yoga Zen routine that’s more relaxation than exercise.

Club Insignia

One of the more interesting classes provided by new gym Club Insignia is its Small Group Training, 30 minute workouts that utilize a plethora of equipment and switch it up each session, making it perfect for those who are hard pressed to find motivation in repetitive routines. Elderly members will find aqua fit, 45 minute classes held at the gym pool, useful for cardiovascular and joint issues. Fitness specialists are also on hand to provide training tailored to each individual’s needs.

Breathe Pilates

Earlier this month, Breathe Pilates opened its newest location at Camden Medical Centre, offering more than your run-of-the-mill pilates. Pairing up with Core Concepts, the biggest private physiotherapy group in Singapore, the studio provides rehabilitative physical training from in-house therapists, providing wholesome solutions to pressing issues from headaches to more severe injuries like muscle strain. Other specialised classes include a first in Singapore—Zen.Ga, which blends exercise science, relaxation and yoga—as well as workout sessions for mothers and mothers to be.

By Tanya Anthony