Photo: Courtesy of PREP Luxe
Photo: Courtesy of PREP Luxe

If you have a penchant for perms, are a colour chameleon, or even a heat-styling enthusiast, smoothing out your damaged, tangled and brittle strands might be an everyday battle. Which is why you need a game plan for resuscitating your locks, i.e. trying out BAZAAR’s Pick Of The Month: PREP Luxe’s Olaplex Hair Restoration, from $120 for about 60 minutes.

You might have read about the Olaplex phenomenon on Instagram-sphere, where thousands and thousands of consumers and stylists alike rave about its results. But what does it exactly do? More than just a regular hair repair treatment, it’s a hair strengthening ritual that reinforces the integrity of individual strands.

Why is that important? For starters, when our hair is untouched by chemicals, it is protected by hair cuticles which lie flat, similar in the manner of fish scales. But when we perm or colour our hair, harsh chemicals are applied to yank hair cuticles from this position, forcing them to open to let colour pigments or perm solutions into the hair shaft to alter hair’s colour or structure. However, some hair cuticles could be permanently stripped off, causing nutrients and proteins to leak from hair structure. And when this happens, not only does hair lose its shine and vitality, it can become inelastic and snaps easily.

This is where Olaplex comes in. Designed as a two-step, in-salon treatment, it rebuilds hair structure from within to minimise hair breakage. At PREP Luxe, the Olapex Hair Restoration begins with your stylist applying Olaplex Bond Multiplier No. 1 directly to your hair. This replenishes hair with lost proteins and re-links disulphide bonds. After five to ten minutes, any excess fluid is towel-dried before Bond Perfector No. 2 is evenly applied. Your stylist then uses an airbrush-like device (which emits nano-mist) to help boost its penetration. This step helps to smoothen and soften hair. Next, your hair is thoroughly rinsed before you are treated to PREP Luxe’s signature blowout so you’ll walk out looking and feeling like a million bucks.

And that’s not all: for the month of July, receive a free six-month digital subscription* of Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore and a BAZAAR Pack* (which consists of the July issue and a special scarf) when you ask for the Olaplex Hair Restoration treatment at PREP Luxe.

Photo: Courtesy of PREP LuxePhoto: Courtesy of PREP Luxe

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By Joyce Cheo