primer application
Photo: Imaxtree

Question: If I don’t dampen my makeup sponge before applying foundation, it feels too dry and drags against my skin. But when I do, it sheers out my foundation and gives more of a tinted moisturizer effect. Is there a middle ground? 

Answer: There is—and it’s the trick celebrity makeup artists use to make skin look flawlessly smooth, fully covered and softly illuminated on the red carpet. According to Lijha Stewart, Make Up For Ever’s Director of Artistry and Education, putting your Beautyblender under the water does indeed affect the quality of your foundation. “It thins out the texture and gives a watery effect, and because it’s such a highly absorbent sponge, you can waste a ton of product that way.” Instead, you should first moisturize your sponge with a hyaluronic acid primer, then apply your foundation to it. “That helps you get the most out of the product, but it also gives this supple, beautiful glowy look. I find that I’m able to take my summer foundation into winter this way by just adding a little more primer for more hydration,” says Stewart. Another way you’ve never thought to use the prep product: Apply your foundation all over your face, then take a fluffy diffusing brush and use it to buff primer into the skin as a finishing touch. It gives glow without any shimmer or shine while still holding your makeup in place all day.

From: Harper’s BAZAAR US