Unlock The Secret To Your Skin’s Radiance With This New Premium Skincare Line

The science behind skin is complex – one that many scientists and skincare experts have dedicated countless years to achieving the ultimate goal: a youthful and radiant-looking complexion. Studies have shown that three essential proteins – collagen, elastin and keratin – play a vital role in your skin’s health and well-being by keeping it strong, supple, and firm.

The key to beautiful skin thus lies in a healthy skin metabolism, in which protein is circulated within it to maintain a regular skin cell renewal process. With over 35 years of expertise in skincare solutions, KAO set out to unlock the secret of the Beauty Circulation process with est, a new, game-changing skincare line. 

est places intense hydration and moisturisation at the forefront with its three-step Growing Power (G.P.) Cycle serum care routine that initiates, conditions, and replenishes your skin’s protein cycle. Thanks to the est Advanced Ingredient, G.P. Cycle Complex, the power-packed trio is said to boost skin cell renewal, improve blood circulation, and combat the signs of ageing.


As the first step of the G.P. line, the SERUM O.N.E. is a foam serum that initiates the skin’s recovery process and allows moisture to penetrate deeper with its microbubbles. It is formulated with ingredients such as niacinamide and Citrus Junos peel extract – each chosen for its protective, healing, and moisturising properties.

G.P. Conditioning Serum

As its name suggests, the G.P. Conditioning Serum conditions the skin by minimising protein breakdown. This lotion-like serum is packed with moisturising ingredients such as Panax ginseng root extract to combat dryness. Thanks to its lightweight formulation, the serum will quickly melt into the skin, leaving behind a silky veil. The G.P. Conditioning Serum comes in four variants for different skin concerns: Moisturising, Lifting Moisture, Lucent, and Whitening.

Enriched Serum

As the final step of the G.P. Cycle serum care, the Enriched Serum is a rich, emulsion-like serum that firms and rejuvenates the skin. It contains a blend of potent ingredients including rosemary leaf extract to replenish skin with optimal moisture. The result? Firmer, brighter and younger-looking skin. The Enriched Serum also comes in four variants: Moisturising, Lifting Moisture, Lucent, and Whitening.

In line with the launch of the G.P. line, the est flagship store opened its doors in Isetan Scotts. The flagship represents est’s commitment to helping its customers on their skincare journey, through its in-store beauty counselling and coaching.

Helmed by trained beauty specialists (aka Growing Partners), the flagship store is equipped with a state-of-the-art skin analysis machine for in-depth skin health tracking. Based on eight key elements – texture, transparency, melanin, skin colour, elasticity, ceramide, moisture, and sebum – the Growing Partners will then be able to thoroughly analyse each customer’s skin every three months and coach them accordingly on the optimal skincare routine for younger and radiant skin. 

est’s premium G.P. Line is now available at Isetan Scotts.

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