Henry Jacques Les Toupies Collection
Photo: Courtesy

Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than a bespoke creation that weaves savoir faire with sentiment. Truly embodying this romanticism is couture perfume house Henry Jacques, with its Les Toupies Collection that bottles rare and delicate essences in the most exquisitely handcrafted crystal flacons.

Christened ‘The Magic of Pairs’, the latest series in this masterpiece collection features six scents conceived and developed as complementary pairs. Individually unique yet in harmony with its matching half—much like a couple that brings out the best of each other—each set is an olfactory tale unto itself, developed over the course of three years by artistic director Christophe Tollemer, who obsessed over every single detail.

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Unerring French in its aesthetic, the fragrances also exude a certain sense of whimsy for its bottles resemble spinning tops—a nod to the evocative power of scent which recalls dreams, childhood memories and happiness. And what greater joy is there than to love and be loved? For this very reason, the Les Toupies Collection carries within its core many great romance stories, making it the perfect gift to get this Valentine’s Day for the couples who identify with couture.

For the power couples
Signature perfumes that are most dear to the maison, Mr. H & Mrs. Y are the olfactory re-imaging of a classic love story. Placed side by side, the ‘Man’ flacon is slightly bigger than the ‘Woman’ perfume, but each complements the other in a perfect visualisation of the feminine-masculine dichotomy.

Henry Jacques Les Toupies Collection
50ml for Mr H. and 35ml for Mrs. Y. Photo: Courtesy

FOR HIM: Cedar leaf, sandalwood, tobacco, amber and patchouli

FOR HER: Ylang-ylang, Rose damascenia, jasmine, iris – Wild Lily of the Valley and Tonka bean

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For the modern lovers
Inventive, evocative and avant-garde, No.16 and No.81 speak to the couples that define love on their own terms, expressed by juices that are created with lesser known ingredients. Similarly, the perfectly symmetrical flacons reflect this concept with architectural forms composed of strong angles and clean lines.

Henry Jacques Les Toupies Collection
45ml for N°16 and 60ml for N°81. Photo: Courtesy

No.16:  Gardenia, Ylang-ylang, Rose de Mai centifolia, Florentine iris, Ambrette seed white musk and Vetiver

No.81: Hesperidia notes, bergamot, grapefruit, Dehen el Oudh, ginger, musk, sandalwood and Tonka bean

For the hopeless romantics
Like the greatest hits of love poems, Galileo and Fanfan are dreamers and lovers driven by passion and exuberance. Playing off each other, the former is an innately ‘European’ scent; masculine yet tender, while the latter is very Parisian with a complexity that smells soft but graceful.

Henry Jacques Les Toupies Collection
40ml for Fanfan and 60ml for Galileo. Photo: Courtesy

Galileo: lavender, mandarin, geranium, patchouli, myrrh, benzoin, oak moss, tobacco, amber

Fanfan: saffron, lavender, geranium, Indian sandalwood, Rose damascenia, cedar wood, leather, amber

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The Les Toupies collection is available at the Henry Jacques boutique at Marina Bay Sands.