Victoria Beckham says “this is the best product you will ever use”
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Victoria Beckham has once again collaborated with skincare’s game-changing scientist Augustinus Bader. This time the result is a serum, a first for both the globally recognised designer and the professor.

The intention for the Victoria Beckham Beauty Cell Rejuvenating Power Serum, £180 (about S$323), was to bottle VB’s glow—as seen via selfies, in interviews, and on stage.

For the product’s reveal on Instagram, she posted a video without her signature soft focus make-up, refreshingly showcasing her real skin.

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You’ll hear Beckham attest that “this product is the best product you will ever use”. Quite the claim, but then it is backed by Bader’s TFC8® (Trigger Factor Complex) technology, which both defends and repairs the skin.

It also calms and balances with niacinamide; fights pollution with vitamin E and an olive fruit extract; hydrates with small hyaluronic acid fragments (allowing for deep penetration) and protects against trans-epidermal water loss, strengthening the skin barrier. “All the know-how is based upon the scientific knowledge of what our skin cells really need to work at their best,” Professor Bader explains in the press release.

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True to Beckham’s form, it also screams chic. But the frosted glass bottle with a narrow pipette dispenser not only looks good, it can be dissembled in order to recycle each piece within the proper recycling stream. Additionally, the bottle is housed in a 100 per cent post-consumer waste carton and shipped in protective, biodegradable foam that can be dissolved under running water or disposed in compost. Bravo.

In terms of how it slots into your skincare routine, you’d use the serum as the first step – on dry skin, followed by a moisturiser. If you’re a fan of Augustinus Bader’s The Cream or The Rich Cream (who isn’t?), you can use them in conjunction with the serum, although the cult creams’ innovative skin-healing formulas are already potent enough to ignite our skin’s own repair process.

This article originally appeared on Harper’s Bazaar UK

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