Halloween Makeup Tutorials
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There is something so satisfying about watching a makeup tutorial, and even more so when the tutorials comes over the top just in time for Halloween season. 

Plus, perusing youtube tutorials are a great way to spend your time if you’re looking for some inspiration for planning your costume this year. After all, there’s no denying that sometimes, it’s really the makeup that elevates an otherwise ordinary Halloween look. 

Ahead, we list the top viral Halloween makeup tutorials to get inspired, from classic favourites such as Tim Burton’s cartoon characters to scarier renditions such as the clown from It, which are bound to get you into the spirit of Halloween.

1. Emily (Corpse Bride) Halloween Tutorial (61M+ Views)

Although it’s been 7 years since this video was uploaded, it has consistently garnered views every year and remains the most-watched Halloween makeup tutorial on Youtube. Made by Promise Tamang, a highly talented makeup artist with 5.9 million subscribers, she shows you how to recreate the look of Emily from Tim Burton’s “Corpse Bride,” from the makeup, collarbones, to wig, for an end result that will certainly wow you.

2. Doing Kylie Jenner’s Halloween Makeup (32M+ Views)

When two of the biggest beauty bigwigs come together for a makeup tutorial video, we pay attention. In 2018, Kylie Jenner got together with beauty vlogger James Charles to shoot a Halloween-inspired makeup tutorial using Kylie’s Cosmetics’ 2018 Halloween collection, all while chatting about Kylie’s business and the origin of Stormi’s name. James created a gorgeous orange eye look, with the bottom half of Kylie’s face a skeleton.

3. Trippy Double Vision Makeup Look (23M+ Views)

Promise Tamang has done it again, with an impressive optical illusion look, the “double vision makeup look”, that shows her makeup prowess. This trippy look, which features a second pair of eyes, nose, and lips, is possible the coolest costume that only requires a bit of makeup.

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4. Zombie Barbie (27M+ Views)

If you’re a fan of zombie movies, this one’s for you. In this video, Michelle Phan presents us with two looks – A prom barbie, then transformed into a zombie barbie, with the help of latex, tissue paper, and fake blood. It’ll be sure to frighten fellow party-goers, but don’t be caught off guard when you catch your own reflection in the mirror!

5. DIY Halloween Costumes Out of Candy! 15 DIY Projects for Halloween! (55M+ Views)

A major aspect of Halloween is the candy. Take things up a notch with this video that combines makeup, nail art, and costume jewelry, all inspired by candy, from jellybean glasses, to a full-blown cupcake costume. Created by Sara, a Norweigen YouTuber, her positive and jovial attitude combined with creative ideas are certainly candy for our eyes.

6. Scary Last Minute Halloween Makeup and Costume Ideas (36M+ Views)

If you’re in need of last-minute Halloween makeup ideas, this is the video for you. From the evil clown inspired by “It”, a half-dead witch, and a brainless zombie, this video will leave you with endless inspiration and easy makeup ideas for your Halloween party.

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7. The Conjuring 2 Valek Makeup Tutorial (25M+ Views)

If you’re looking for a costume with a major scare factor, why not go for one of the scariest characters in movie history, the Valak from The Conjuring 2. In this video, makeup artist Kat Sketch gives you a detailed step by step guide to achieving this look. Just don’t scare yourself by the end result once you’re done.

8. Vampire Makeup Tutorial (17M+ Views)

For some good old classic Halloween, try the Vampire look. Creepily edited with horror sound effects beside a forested backdrop, this easy to achieve look was created by Chelsea, a popular makeup and beauty Youtuber at 14 years.

9. Albino Mermaid (6M+ Views)

For a spin from the usual Halloween looks, this makeup tutorial teaches you how to achieve an aesthetically pleasing yet creepy-enough-for-Halloween Albino Mermaid look. Created by Spanish artist Jim Reno, it’s easily one of the most creative looks we’ve seen yet.

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