The No. 5 L’Eau’s message is all about paradoxes, and Lily-Rose Depp plays multiple roles, personifying the contradicting characteristics in a woman, like artist and muse, vulnerable and invincible. The 17-year-old tells us about the creative journey and what’s it like working with Karl Lagerfeld.

Q: In the N°5 film, you play several roles. Which one is most like you?
A: The one where I’m having fun with the mics, where my hair is curly and I’m playing a singer. I no longer have any desire to be a singer in real life, that is why it was so much fun to be a “pretend” one.

Q: It’s also the scene in which you most resemble your mother…
A: Maybe. Yes, my mother is a singer, but it’s not because you see me for five seconds with a microphone that you should get any ideas…

Q: When you see the finished product of the CHANEL film, what do you think?
A: Never in my life did I think I would have a connection with N°5. I’ve grown up with the idea that CHANEL is the very top of the crop. To be honest, it’s all very surreal to me.

Q: How does your world change when you wear perfume?
A: It’s a way to feel feminine, but also to have your very own scent: a scent you’ve chosen. N°5 suits me because it’s warm and welcoming… it’s comforting.

Q: And is Karl Lagerfeld welcoming and comforting?
A: Oh yes he is… I admire him a lot. He is very generous and welcoming. But the first thing to be said is that he’s a genius.

By Joyce Cheo