What Your Favourite Lip Colour Says About You

This is literally us saying, “read my lips”

The notion that makeup is transformational goes beyond merely helping you to look and feel good. And while women who wear makeup of various colours are often stereotyped by the media and portrayed in a certain way, there might be some actual truth in how makeup can also change the way you are perceived by people, especially at the work place.

According to a research commissioned by Procter & Gamble and conducted in recent years by Professor Nancy Etcoff, an assistant clinical professor of psychology at Harvard University, it was established that people perceived women who wear (an appropriate amount of) makeup to be more competent and reliable.

In addition, a CoverGirl-endorsed study also revealed that your preferred lipstick colour also goes a long way in influencing the kind of personality traits associated with you. Here’s what your favourite lip colour is saying about you.

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