Did you know that everyone has a microbiome that is unique to them? This naturally occurring ecosystem of complex microorganisms includes bacteria, fungi, and viruses that lives on your skin and influences everything from product absorption to your skin’s overall health.

There is a unique relationship between the skin’s microbiome and barrier functions. A tip in the balance of microbiome can lead to moisture loss and increased penetrations of environmental aggressors and allergens, often the precursors for skin issues like inflammation and other inflammatory-related skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and rosecea.

“A healthy microbiome is important in keeping our skin functioning optimally as a barrier against infection and chronic inflammation,” explains Dr Felix Li of Thomson Wellth Clinic, Aesthetic Medicine. “When the skin’s microbiome is out of balance, it can disrupt the skin’s barrier function and increase vulnerability to harmful pathogens which can lead to skin dryness, sensitivity, rashes, eczema or acne.” 

1. Embrace good bacteria

Like any other living organism, the delicate balance of good and bad bacteria requires the right “foods” and a conducive environment to thrive.

That is why choosing the right skincare—like a microbiome-friendly line such as the Prebiotics Range by TWO L(I)PS—can make a big difference to your skin’s health. 

As its name suggests, this range is packed with prebiotics—the food source that supports the vitality of good bacteria—TWO L(I)PS’ innovative skincare range is formulated to feed your skin with essential nutrients while restoring your microbiome to its healthiest state. 

Besides “feeding” your skin with prebiotic-rich skincare, it is also necessary to consider other products that you apply to your skin. Some facial cleansers which are too alkaline can disrupt skin’s naturally-acidic pH levels, throwing the microbiome out of balance and affecting your skin’s health in the process.

Keeping the formula within the pH levels of 4 to 6—the optimal pH level for skin on most of your face and body—means that not only is the growth of pathogens inhibited, but your immune responses are modulated even as the vital barrier function is maintained.

The TWO L(I)PS Prebiotics Skincare range

“Our vulva might be out of sight, but it shouldn’t be out of mind.”

Cynthia Chua, Founder of TWO L(I)PS

2. Embrace a positive body culture

“Our vulva might be out of sight, but it shouldn’t be out of mind,” says Cynthia. “It deserves the same TLC we naturally give to our face and the rest of our body. With our dedicated vulva care, we are happy to have created a platform that opens doors for women to embrace a part of the body anatomy that has been neglected for far too long.”

Inspired by her vast experience in the hair removal business at sister brand Strip, TWO L(I)PS’ founder Cynthia Chua created her brand as skincare solutions to real issues and to best serve the modern women’s needs. This is why she ensured all TWO L(I)PS products including the Prebiotics Range, are dermatologically and gynaecologically tested, making it safe for use not just on the face and body, but also on intimate zones like the vulva. Unlike the vagina which is self-cleaning, sebum and grime can get trapped in the vulva skin folds and accumulated bacteria can lead to a host of issues like rash, itch and even infections. This calls for a need to cultivate feminine hygiene and use suitable vulva care products. This means using products that extend beyond a compatible pH level — they should also be free from artificial fragrances and nasties like parabens and sulphates.

3. Embrace healthier skin

A balanced microbiome provides the ideal environment for the skin to thrive, which is why this innovative skincare range is so important. With skin’s microbiome balanced, you can enhance skin’s resilience so that it has better defenses against oxidative stress and damaging free radicals.

TWO L(I)PS’ prebiotic formula works to support our overall skin’s health by providing it the nutrient it needs. It is formulated with a prebiotic complex made up of Alpha-Glucan Oligosaccharide that protects and stimulate beneficial bacteria; Inulin, which reduces the growth of bad bacteria; and Saccharide Isomerate which has an ability to keep the skin’s unique microbiome balanced and healthy.

The Complete Prebiotic Skincare Range For Healthier Skin

RINSE Gentle Prebiotic Cleanser, $55 for 200 ml

A gentle yet effective cleanser that doesn’t strip your skin or make it feel dry and taut.  It’s also formulated with lactic acid which smooths the skin’s surface while saccharide isomerate ensures the skin’s surface is not left tight or dry and added scent of the frankincense to relax the senses.

SCRUBBS Konjac Jelly Scrub, $70 for 200 ml

A superfood gel exfoliator that contains konjac jelly beads and non-GMO olive stone powder to remove grime and dirt without causing micro-tears on skin. Using biodegradable konjac jelly beads as opposed to micro plastic beads, also means that this product is marine friendly.

JUICE Prebiotic Body Balm, $80 for 200 ml

A nourishing moisturiser packed with sugarcane-derived squalane and plant-derived trehalose to hydrate parched skin. Also contains Shea Butter that helps to conditions, tones and smoothes the skin.

SLEEPOVER Repairing Overnight Mask, $100 for 50 ml

A no-rinse mask that repairs dry, tired and stressed skin while you sleep.The lightweight formula doesn’t feel heavy on skin, and contains olive leaf extract and saccharide isomerate which provides up to 72 hours of intense moisturisation.

SCREEN Pore Refining Sunscreen, $70 for 50ml

A water-based lightweight sun protector with SPF 50 PA+++ with niacinamide to minimise the appearance of pores while sodium hyaluronate forms a reservoir of hydration to keep skin plump all day.

The Prebiotics Range by TWO L(I)PS is available online at www.twolips.vip and at all STRIP Outlets.

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