Saskia de Brauw for H&M magazine
Saskia de Brauw for H&M magazine

The three top areas to focus on to make a stunning entrance into summer are style, confidence and a healthy lifestyle. Style is personal and with a little help from the style expects, like Harper’s BAZAAR, you can successfully create your own chic style. Confidence is an attractive attribute, and is a continual journey of inner self-work. And a commitment to live a healthy life is a must for feeling and looking great. Motivation and dedication to adopt a combination of these three areas in your life and you can create a head turning presence of confidence and style that can beat any gym-junkie!

That being said, a healthy lifestyle does include a routine of regular exercise that is not only good to keep your body looking beautiful but also promotes optimum health. Here are a few ideas of how you can design a workout to suit your star-sign.

Fitness Style You love a hard workout and benefit from any form of cardio workout that helps you release excess tension, which can help to fade away stress lines on your face. Competitive by nature, you excel in the challenges you set for yourself. Don’t give up if you don’t see immediate results. Be dedicated and persevere! 

Workout Program As an active person, too much routine can send you into a comma of boredom. Keep it interesting. Vary your exercise schedule with a variety of different activities like endurance cycling, spin classes, tennis, or join a running group and train for a marathon. When you have a goal to work towards, you stay interested and will see results. 

Confidence Secret Fake it until you make it!

Fitness Style Typical Taurus prefers a comfortable and relaxed workout routine. If you try to fit too much exercise into your schedule all at once it can leave you feeling fatigued and drain your Venus spark. And after all, you don’t want to mess up your perfectly coiffured hair. Focus on yourself, not others, and set your own benchmark and you will succeed.

Workout Program Involve the outdoors into your workout for a more relaxed feeling—a power walk with a good friend through a beautiful park. Light jogging, belly dancing, kite surfing, tennis or anything that allows you to be social, or gardening for some solitude would also be a great choice. Listen to music while you exercise off last night’s scrumptious dinner and chose picturesque scenery that engages your scenes. 

Confidence Secret Strive to be better than your boyfriend’s ex girlfriend—the one with the jaw-dropping body!

Fitness Style As an inquisitive Gemini you can get restless and staying in shape is a great way to keep both your mind and body in shape. When you research all aspects of your diet and fitness program it can help get you maximum results – the more knowledge you have about the effect an exercise has, the more dedicated to do it you will be. 

Workout Program Gemini, the twins, is a dual sign, and an exercise program that included a fitness-buddy or social gatherings can be more enjoyable and keep you motivated. A game of Frisbee in the park, taking the dog for a walk or run, badminton, volleyball—anything that keeps you moving and mentally stimulated. 

Confidence Secret Never get in a rut, have a variety of options you can explore.

Fitness Style Cancer is an activity driven cardinal sign and you work best when you have a regular scheduled program. As a water sign, it is beneficial when you commit to a particular program or activity where you can interact with others and be part of a team but, on occasions, you also need quiet thinking time. 

Workout Program Sailing, water aerobics, golf or out for a run on the beach will help you relax and soothe your nerves. To soothe the soul, incorporate Yogi and Pilates into your program. 

Confidence Secret When the Moon has you in a reflective mood, a few mind, body, soul exercises you can do at home along with meditation, will balance your energy.

Fitness Style Your overall style and presentation is all-important, and you are motivated to stay in shape when you receive encouraging compliments on your physical appearance. You work hard to look striking and stunning, and can be found discussing cutting edge health concepts with peers and friends who also take pride in themselves. You are a social creature, and know that to be the best, include looking after yourself, on all levels. 

Workout Program Join the hottest best gym in town and attend a variety of classes, after all, it’s important to be seen at all the right places, and what better opportunity to do some networking. Mix things up; a game of golf, go sailing. Weight training or any type of power sport like kickboxing keeps you fit and fabulous 

Confidence Secret Take control! You are a born leader; create your own program.

Fitness Style As a detail-oriented and meticulous person, you stay on track by recording every workout in detail–this is what helps keep you be strong and stay motivated. Calorie counting is also great; seek out one of those Internet sites that record your daily activity. A step counter is an excellent way to help you stay on track. Make your workout part of your daily/weekly routine – if it’s not in the schedule, it won’t happen. 

Workout Program Slow and balanced movements of Pilates, yoga, or meditation are great to slow down the brain noise, and allows you time to reflect on life—anything that has a science to it will get and keep your attention. 

Confidence Secret Know what works for you and why. Set goals. Plot out your fitness routine and don’t let yourself down.

Fitness Style What works for a social Libra is having a workout buddy and you can typically find yourself inviting your friends or romantic partner to the gym or on social events that take in some form of exercise, even if it is walking around the latest exhibition at the art gallery. You love food, so don’t be like a warden and cut out all your treats. Design a program that allows you to stay in shape as well as indulge in your passion for scrumptious food –otherwise you won’t stick to it. 

Workout Program Tennis, racquetball, golf, anything that has a social slant to it will be fun and keep your fitness in check. Health clubs where you can chill out in the lounge area and chit-chat will motivate you to go. Confidence Secret Make time for you! Balance work and wellbeing. A fitness plan that flows smoothly, and does not put extra stress on you.

Confidence Secret Make time for you! Balance work and wellbeing. A fitness plan that flows smoothly, and does not put extra stress on you.

Fitness Style Highly ambitious and extremely intense, any form of strenuous activity that allows you to work off pent-up tension is a good thing for Scorpio. Obstacle courses keep your mind and body sharp and you are known to accomplish anything you set your mind to, especially if the end result involves looking drop dead gorgeous! 

Workout Program Jump on the treadmill for a long distance run, take up boxing, or book a spin class. For a grueling challenge, sign up for a competitive triathlon. If it hurts, it works! 

Confidence Secret Stay focused—look at what you achieve, not what you don’t.

Fitness Style You love to travel and can mix your workouts while you explore the world. You like to experience the adventure of life and are not content with being a spectator of life. Take a trip to a spiritual destination and climb a mountain or pyramid! Walk every inch of your local museum or bike ride to the top of the town. 

Workout Program Walking and exploring is a great exercise for you. Power walking is ideal; try monitoring your steps with a pedometer for a sense of accomplishment. Go running with the pooch. Horseback riding or take a yoga class to still your mind and help you get in touch with your inner purpose. 

Confidence Secret Take a leap of faith. Believe you can achieve anything and it will happen!

Fitness Style When you stand out as an individual and make your presence known, your star shines more brightly. You like to walk the path of known success, rather than be a trailblazer. If the research shows it works for others, you are open to try it. But, you have a strong mind and the ability to listen to your body, and at the end of the day, you will do what works for you. 

Workout Program You are busy and live life. Your wellbeing program needs to fit into your schedule, otherwise you won’t take the time to work out. Make an appointment with a trainer. Or join a gym and schedule in classes, more than you think you can do, that way you will get some in.

Confidence Secret Results speak volume. Do whatever it takes—get up early, work late. It all starts with mind-power—once your attitude is right, the rest is easy.

Fitness Style You flourish in social settings and have an open mind when it comes to incorporating new ideas into your fitness routine. The hottest trends and equipment will excite you, especially if it is the newest and greatest, proven technique, with a scientific slant! Even when others are hesitant to try them out, you are first to give it a go. 

Workout Program Sign up for a 5K run, challenge yourself with resistance training, spinning or join a martial arts class. You can get in shape and feel first-class all at once. 

Confidence Secret Freedom of movement plays a key role in enjoying your exercise routine. And the more you know about what affect the exercise has on your body, the more inspired you are.

Fitness Style As a sensitive person, you can sometimes feel disheartened, but you still follow your wellbeing program without calling it quits. Pisces are naturally easygoing, sensitive and highly intuitive; therefore you relate well to exercises that entail strenuous activities; they can rob you of energy rather than energize. Avoid anything that pushes you to the point of pain. Go for the softer more intuitive forms of exercise like Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates, Feldenkrais that engages the mind, spirit and body. 

Workout Program Options like Zumba, hip-hop dance classes or salsa lessons are fun. Pisces also love activities that involve water; surfing, swimming, water polo, water aerobics.

Confidence Secret Dance to your own tune. Follow your intuition and pay attention to what your body tells you. You know what is right for you.

By Jennifer Angel