It’s not easy to build a business from the ground up. But Yoyo Cao, one of Singapore’s most influential social media personalities and entrepreneur is up for the challenge.

Yoyo Cao at Fashion Week. Photo: Getty Images

Besides being a regular fixture during Fashion Week, and producing content for her own brand, the style star is now setting her sights on a brand new journey in the world of beauty. 

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Photo: ROMI Beauty

Together with fellow entrepreneurs Lin Ting and Arissa Cheo, the trio launched ROMI Beauty earlier this year. The name, which means “dew of the sea,” is referenced from its founders’ core belief that “like the boundless seas, we believe that there is no end to what you can do.

ROMI Beauty also prides itself on the carefully crafted formulations that are made with high-quality active ingredients for its products. That’s not all. They’re also free of parabens, phthalates, sulphates, synthetic fragrances, and gluten, and are sustainably produced and packaged. 

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In an exclusive interview with BAZAAR Singapore, Cao tells us why and how ROMI Beauty was founded and the story behind the brand’s star product—the Dream Skin Tint.

Dream Skin Tint. Photo: ROMI Beauty

What were the challenges you have faced as a female fashion and beauty entrepreneur?

I would say the biggest challenge was starting out without any professional background in both fashion and beauty. There was a lot for me to learn—still is—and plenty for me to pick up in this ever-changing and adaptive industry. Furthermore, with the pandemic and everything that’s going on in the world, it is also important for me to stay up to date with the content I produce. I believe it’s crucial to balance and maintain creativity and sensitivity, as I go about creating content with global outreach.

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What do you think is the most important attribute for someone who aspires to be a successful female fashion and beauty entrepreneur like yourself?

The constant and consistent work at self-improvement while staying true to oneself always works magic.

What are your motivations behind ROMI Beauty?

ROMI Beauty was established with the intention of creating fuss-free beauty routines that can be easily incorporated into the lives of women every day. As we believe that makeup and skincare routines should be uncomplicated, we wanted to create purposeful beauty products that can essentially provide multiple functions for one’s skin upon application. ROMI Beauty can also build itself as a digital beauty platform, where fellow aficionados come and interact as well as exchange beauty secrets and information inspired by our community — a beauty club where Romies can access the perfect combination of all the good things consolidated! 

Shades of the Dream Skin Tint. Photo: ROMI Beauty

What are the qualities that separate ROMI Beauty Dream Skin Tint from other similar products?

ROMI Beauty Dream Skin Tint started out as a personal skin and beauty need we saw in women around us. Everyone was looking for a product that provides that dewy, natural skin glow, but we did not come across any tinted moisturisers that encapsulate the perfect combination of all the good things we were looking for. Hence, ROMI Dream Skin Tint was born! A multitasker, the Dream Skin Tint works as a tinted moisturiser, serum, and sunscreen, all while being formulated without controversial ingredients. Its light-as-a-feather consistency hydrates and protects, evens out skin tone and gives the skin a lit-from-within glow!

Photo: ROMI Beauty

What can fans of ROMI Beauty look forward to in the future?

You definitely should keep an eye out for updates on the development of ROMI Beauty in the next half of 2022! We can’t reveal too much at the moment, but the new product is definitely another multitasker, just like our Dream Skin Tint.