Asia’s Next Top Model Episode Two Recap: Gravity-Defying Poses and “Crutch Couture”

Last week, the kick off to the new season of Asia’s Next Top Model was a dramatic one, to say the least. One model got eliminated in the first 20 minutes, another cried during the shoot, and major shade was thrown behind a particularly feisty girl’s back in the model house. Just another day as an Asian next top model, you say? You got that right.

The second episode took the models on yet another roller coaster of emotions and, this time, movement as well. Here’s a quick recap:

First 15 minutes see models reach new highs—and new lows—during a challenge that requires them to bounce and pose all over AMPED, Singapore’s first indoor trampoline park. “Body control, agility, balance and poise,” according to fierce model mentor, Kelly Tandiono, are the key skills needed to ace this. Unfortunately for Malaysia’s Tuti and Mongolia’s Tugs, they lack exactly that and bounce all the way to the bottom of the pack. But worse off is Jessica (who has filmed a commercial alongside Kendall Jenner), who sprains her ankle while jumping and rushed to the hospital. She gets a zero for her challenge score.

Reminiscing her gymnast days in her early teens, Singapore’s Angie fabulously flips her way to the top, winning herself a $1,000 shopping spree from Zalora, Asia’s online shopping destination.

Next 20 minutes, Jessica reemerges in crutches, with her right foot bandaged. The girls doubt the severity of her injury and gossip behind her back, only to be confronted by the 21-year-old who isn’t exaggerating—or so she says. But it’s late, and the situation fizzles out quickly as the girls head to bed.

The next morning, the top model hopefuls descend upon *scape for a trampoline photo shoot. Angie, together with Myanmar’s May and Vietnam’s Mai Ngo, take jump shots to the next level, delivering picture-perfect poses against a backdrop of the city’s skyscrapers. Jessica flips her hair for the camera in attempt to achieve a similar jumping effect from the comfort of a wheelchair.

At judging, super model host Cindy Bishop says: “You met the criteria of levitating effortless in mid air. This is high, high, super high fashion in every sense of the word.” Who’s she saying this to? Angie, who once again, bags top spot with a winning photograph that combines leg extensions, Chinese maiden fingers, a neck-breaking hair flip and surprisingly pretty frown. Hot on her heels is Mai Ngo, who arched her back and flexed her feet with lyrical dance precision all the way to second place.

Reality TV drama aside, the modeling was truly on point this episode, and we can’t wait for next week’s big reveal. Expect lots of sweat, tears and possibly more than one cut in episode three.
Best moment: More like the girls’ best moment was when the Zalora delivery arrived at the model apartment for Angie, and the girls swooned over the “hot delivery guy”. Girls, behave.

Worst moment: When Jessica could’ve made “Crutch Couture” a thing, but let the opportunity slide as she sat back down and posed in her wheelchair during the shoot.

Challenge winner this week: Angie from Singapore. This girl sure rose to the occasion.

Who got kicked off: The statuesque Tugs Saruul from Mongolia. An early favourite because of her striking bone structure and well-executed runway walk in episode 1, the single mother returns home to her two-year-old daughter.

By Dana Koh

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