In typical Asia’s Next Top Model fashion, the show began with a lot of suspense. Following last week’s nail-biting cliff hanger, two girls stood before Cindy with bated breath. Both Tawan and Julian had their strengths and weaknesses but there’s only one spot left for one of them to be in the top three. Who will it be?

Their individual scores rolled on screen and the lucky girl joining Sang In and Patricia is… Tawan! Congratulations, girl!

That meant that Julian had to go. Unfortunate, but given her beauty and positive attitude, we are very certain that she will go far in the industry. Cindy left some encouraging parting words to Julian, which also struck a chord in our hearts. Goodbye and good luck!

Looking Back

Now it’s time to take on a trip down memory lane with all the girls – including model judge, mentor and host – Cindy Bishop. We recalled how she turned everyone’s heads the moment she fiercely strutted down the runway on set. Talk about making a memorable impression!

Also, we saw the first girl who got eliminated within the first few moments of the first episode – Maya. We didn’t even get a chance to get to know her! And remember Mai Ngo? That girl sure had some claws to show. But it came to pass after she apologized for her bad behaviour.

First Challenge?

So Cindy Mail came in for the top three girls, saying “Who eats in a restaurant under the sea? Top Models! Top 3!” Could this be the first challenge? Will it involve getting wet (again) and sea critters?

The girls were brought to Ocean Restaurant by Cat Cora at Resorts World Sentosa. Within a few steps into the aquarium themed restaurant, they were greeted by judge, model mentor, and Editor-In-Chief of Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore, Kenneth Goh who was decked in a gorgeous red suit. Sang In was visibly apprehensive as they sat down, and she asked if a challenge was coming up. Guess what? No challenge this week!

Unwind And Rewind with The Final Three

So Kenneth sat the girls down and had a little chat with the top three regarding their exciting journey which we have been following over the past few weeks.

The Most Dramatic Moments

1) The makeover! In episode 3, emotions ran high, and so many girls were seen weeping and wailing as they saw their locks getting chopped off. We even saw Kenneth going down on his knees to convince some of them that they were in for a good change. Whew!

2) The first double elimination seen in episode 4. Aldilla and Gwen were slated to leave the competition, but it was Alaiza who truly felt like she had to go. After being asked if she wanted to stay, she truthfully admitted that she wanted to leave, thus bringing Aldilla back in the running to compete. This brought so much tears to the set, but we trust that Alaiza knows what’s best for herself.

3) When Cindy Bishop came into the model house to have a word with the girls in episode 5. Having years of experience under her belt, she was probably the best person to give these budding super stars advice on the world of modelling. “Be open to learning, that’s how you grow as a person. If you look at things like that, everything is positive and exciting”, she said to the girls. Spoken like a true mentor indeed.

The Who’s Who

12 weeks have passed and the girls have all seemed to take on a memorable character on the show.

The Girl That Everyone Missed

The girls clearly missed Tuti, who brought fire to the show with her vivacious personality and her unique look. I’m sure everyone at home missed her too!

The Downers

As pretty as these girls may be, Jessica and Gwen were said to be the most difficult girls to be around with. Jessica was known to be weepy and soft, while Gwen loved to start drama. Nobody needs bad energy in the house!

The Funny Ones

  1. 1) While we expect judges to be stern, serious and nurturing all at the same time, it was mentor and judge Kelly Tandiono who seemed to always say the darnedest things. Her comments like “You look like a gorilla”, got us cracking up!

2) Patricia was quite a character herself, and we recalled the many moments where she broke out into dance unexpectedly. *insert dance emoji*

3) Model mentor, judge and celebrity photographer, Yu Tsai, has got to be the loudest person on set! The girls shared that they were all afraid of him, but they soon found out that he’s got a soft heart hidden beneath his thunderous roar.

4) The tough-as-nails Sang In also had a funny bone in her. The challenge in episode 7 where she was alongside Filipino heart-throb Tom Rodriguez got all the girls in stitches!

Getting Under Their Skin

After all the drama and laughter, Kenneth sat the girls down to go through their individual portfolios. It was heartwarming to see him getting to know the girls as a mentor rather than a judge as they went along, and we got to learn about the girls beyond their pretty facades. After all, a model is more than just their looks.

Unofficially touted as the competition’s “Beauty Girl”, Patricia revealed that her small frame is her insecurity. Who knew? Kenneth took the time encourage her, using former Top Model winner, Gani, as an example of someone with a tiny frame, but won the competition with making the best of what she’s got.

English isn’t most of the girls’ first language, but for Tawan, it’s a struggle. Communication has always been a challenge for her, but Kenneth came in with great advice for this stunner from Thailand. Kenneth compared her to Jessica, Top Model winner from season one, who has a small voice but a lot of drive which came through the pictures and the runways. If this drive made Jessica a winner, it could very well do the same for Tawan too.

Sang In, ever the tough one, tore down her walls and it was revealed that she had a very tough time growing up battling self-esteem issues. Who would have thought that prior to Top Model, modelling agencies have told her to consider plastic surgery? Something sparked in this beautiful South Korean native, and this spark became a raging fire that catapulted her to top three status in the competition.

Next Episode

After reminiscing the good old times, sharing their hopes and dreams, and learning more about the top three contestants, it was time for the girls to begin a brand new day at the model house. Cindy Mail greeted the girls once more, this time saying “Does absence make the heart grow fonder? I guess we’re about to find out.”

As the girls were making their lucky guesses, the doors to the apartment were a-clicking. The girls yelped in delight with a look of shock and surprise painted across their faces. Before we had a chance to see who’s at the door… We were left with yet another cliff hanger!

So tune in next week on Asia’s Next Top Model to find out who’s got these girls at the edges of their seats… And more importantly we will find out who will emerge at the top of the game!

By Syed Zulfadhli