Asia’s Next Top Model Season 4 Episode 8 Recap: Confidence In Motion

Talk about bringing the real to reality TV this week! Right off the bat, the models were thrown head first into their first challenge: a go-see with three potential clients including local designers Chelsea Scott-Blackhall of Dzojchen, Zenchi, and Indonesian fashion designer Pevita Pearce, who would also be choosing the winner of the first challenge. The stakes? Being the face of Maybelline’s 2016 “Make It Happen” campaign.

Before the models started off, they got into pairs and raced around in Subarus from location to location—but it wouldn’t be Asia’s Next Top Model without a twist, now would it? And the models were in for a very sweet surprise when they entered Zenchi’s studio where Yu Tsai himself was waiting with the designer. But, no, there was no shouting from him week as the girls took their challenge, instead he showed a more nurturing side of himself as he gave them tips and helped them to improve their walk. Quelle surprise! Angie took home the coveted Maybelline job this week at the first challenge, by virtue of having all three designers booking her after her go-see. Goes to show that an eye infection doesn’t stop you from doing a good job!

But the main highlight of the episode was the Subaru music video that the girls had to star in for the episode. Testing their screen presence and modelling, some rose to the challenge—Julian, for example, was a bundle of nerves, but turned it on for the camera, and Angie, who was suffering from a serious eye infection, but managed to turn adversity into opportunity—while others seemed to cruise through the challenge.

Thankfully, elimination turned out to be easy… because no one went home on this episode! (Yes, surprise seemed to be the keyword of this episode.) We’re definitely looking forward to next week’s fitness-filled episode and cannot wait to see what new challenges the girls go up against.

Best moment: When Angie stepped up to the final challenge despite having a serious eye infection. Hang in there girl.

Worst moment: The tension-laden moment when Subaru’s head honcho Glen Tan arrived on set, just in time for Sang-In’s shoot. We could feel the tension through the screen.

Challenge winner this week: Patricia. Again. The Indonesian beauty queen is on fire!

Who got kicked off: More surprises! No one went home this week and all the models lived to fight another day.

By Pakkee

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