Asia’s Next Top Model Season 4 Episode 7 Recap: Three Men Turn Up The Heat

Seven episodes in and the remaining seven models still keep doing one thing: Falling. Last week, the girls were on the verge of falling overboard into the Singapore River during a boat shoot. And this round, they were falling head over heels for two dashing gents—actors Tom Rodriguez from the Philippines and Mike Lewis from Indonesia.

The first challenge saw the girls flexing their acting—and flirting—muscle in different scenes where they had to make Tom break character—and break into a wide, “Close Up Diamond Attraction” smile. While Singapore’s Angie revealed a knack for pick up lines, it was Indonesia’s Patricia who won the challenge and with it, a candlelit dinner with the dimpled hunk at South Beach’s ADHD restaurant.

Next up, the second challenge was a photo shoot with Mike Lewis to find the next image and model for toothpaste brand, Close Up’s Diamond Attraction campaign. Most of the girls gladly got up close and personal with the dapper actor, but 17-year-old May from Myanmar struggled hard at first. It wasn’t until judge and creative director, Yu Tsai shouted “Think of what you love! What makes you happy?” and May replied, “beef!” did they all have a good laugh and finally loosened up to get a decent shot. But what’s an episode of Asia’s Next Top Model without some tears? Tough cookie from Malaysia, Tuti broke down during the shoot because she had trouble flashing a smile, a physical feature she’s most insecure about.

At elimination, host Cindy Bishop, model mentor Kelly Tandiono and Yu Tsai were joined by Mike, who revealed who he enjoyed working with the most, and had the most potential. Indonesia’s Patricia came out tops with her bright, wide smile, securing her a double win after getting best score for the earlier challenge. She celebrated with a little salsa dance—the same one she did on set at the shoot to get in the mood.

Best moment: During judging, when Yu Tsai praised Singapore’s Angie for doing a 180 about her attitude and shoot performance. Suffering from an eye infection and advised by the doctor to not wear much makeup for the next shoot, Angie said “I’m hoping makeup’s not what makes me a good model,” to which Yu Tsai gave a genuine nod of approval.

Worst moment: When Tuti broke down again at judging, saying “When I look at my reflection the mirror, sometimes I feel worthless. I have an ugly smile.” Thank goodness for Cindy, who is always armed with inspiring words and a sculpted shoulder to cry on.

Challenge winner this week: Patricia. This Indonesian stunner is on a role and smiling is obviously her forte.

Who got kicked off: Poor, sweet, 17-year-old May. But she still goes home a winner in her own special way—she’s #AsNTM4’s youngest contestant and the competition’s first model from Myanmar!

By Dana Koh

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